At Carnegie Hall, gospel singer Wintley Phipps delivers perhaps the most powerful rendition of Amazing Grace ever recorded. He says, "A lot of people don't realize that just about all Negro spirituals are written on the black notes of the piano. Probably the most famous on this slave scale was written by John Newton, who used to be the captain of a slave ship, and many believe he heard this melody that sounds very much like a West African sorrow chant. And it has a haunting, haunting plaintive quality to it that reaches past your arrogance, past your pride, and it speaks to that part of you that's in bondage. And we feel it. We feel it. It's just one of the most amazing melodies in all of human history." After sharing the noteworthy history of the song, Mr. Phipps delivers a stirring performance that brings the audience to its feet!


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  • Donna M Fest

    I loved it it made me think of our history of the slaves how they suffered . Wintley Phipps tells it all in his song . His voice is beautiful it brings you to tears we are all children of God

  • Evelyn

    My tears.... thinking about the sad hearts of the black people during that era. It made me cry for their brave hearts and their hurt feelings and all the while knowing how much God loved each and every one of them. Out of their unhappiness God filled their souls and minds with his love for human kind. Their musical ability and Gods messages came out in beautiful words and beautiful music. We are all the better after listening to these beautiful words and melodies with our ears and our hearts make us cry with happiness. Thank you all for this beautiful piece of heartfelt music.

  • Mr. B

    The melody is haunting, and as I am Jewish the words have little significance to me. I read the brief history of John Newton and can appreciate his conversion after first being pressed into service on a British warship in his youth (one of the reason behind the War of 1812) and his subsequent service on various slave ships. So Newton wrote his poem. The melody came afterwards, and as near as I can determine, linked to the poem after some passage of time. Much like the melody for our National Anthem, which was a British tune, the melody for Amazing Grace was the tune, New Britain. I've been listening to Jazz most of my life, so I can hear a melody and get an emotional lift from it, I don't need words. So, I direct you to the movie, HEARTLAND, with Rip Torn and Conchata Farrell (sp?). New Britain is played on a clarinet, and I tell you, it knocked my socks off. No words. Just the somber sound of a beautiful melody. I recognized it as, Amazing Grace, of course. Haunting.

  • Paul

    Joy in humanity!!

  • Irene

    It filled my heart with Joy because I know when my parents live this earth they will be with JESUS Christ!

  • lorraine

    everything. it was wonderful

  • Hilde Gordon

    The overall presentation of this AMAZING PERFORMANCE.

  • Mary Johnson

    The overall presentation of Mr. Phipps especially about the five black notes inspired me most and the humming of "Amazing Grace". I am playing this music almost every day. Thanks Mr. Phipps for your rendition and don't pay attention to the critics of RAPHAEL - he strikes me as a racist.

  • Leonard Murrell

    The truth.How can we purchase this cd?

  • Lynette

    I was blessed to be able to sing at Carnigie Hall in Nov, as 1 voice among 270. The conductor Joseph Martin, told us after we finished the song to be silent and we could hear the echos of all who have graced this stage with song. Truley Whitley captured the Heart of God, with his AMAZING GRACE. BEAUTIFULLY SUNG FROM DEEP IN HIS HEART. THANKS WHITLEY. I FELT IT AGAIN.BEAUTIFUL STORY.

  • Dennis

    I wish all people could come together in love one to each other. As children of God.

  • Mary

    The history lesson for one. Although I knew about John Newton, I had never heard about the black notes before. Interesting and very moving.

  • Daryoush Yazdani

    It truely inspired me that 160 years ago Baha’u’llah emphatically talks about mankind as;” Ye are the fruits of one tree and the leaves of one branch” Or ; “ Deal Ye one with another with the utmost love and harmony with friendliness and fellowship Mr. Phipps did it through his amazing and incredible performance the validity of what Baha’u’ llah has addressed mankind. I just loved it and every cell in my whole being was moved.

  • Patsy

    The spiritual feeling that seemed to be contagious/shared with everyone listening to this educational and moving program……How wonderful to be a part of this positive feeling…..


    Just amazing on all levels. History, performance and Wintley when he comments on the fact we are all one. I'm not black but the program touched me completely. I had tears in my eyes, my heart was pulsating and my body was warm all over! I also have some new found awareness to the black history in America. If the presentation had this effect on me, the concert hall must have had streams of tears running down the rows and One huge pulsating heart! The creative spirit once again triumphs over man's inhumanity to man. Thank you Wintney Phipps!

  • David

    God has touched so many of us through the conversion of John Newton, and by this wonderful song by Wintley Phipps.

  • Mike D for Lee D

    Lee D. said, "that was very awesome"

  • Michael-n-Gwendolyn

    2 Corinthians 9:15 15 Thanks be to God for His indescribable gift

  • Mary Ellen

    He is amazing!!!! Beautiful and inspiring!

  • DoreenFahlman

    What inspired you about this video It brought tears to my eyes and I could feel the pain" was special to hear with that much feeling...Beautiful...

  • Kathryn Larvinson

    Amazing! Touched my heart!

  • campbell

    this is the most beautiful performance of amazing grace i have ever heard the way this man pours his heart and his feelings into this song is truly unbeleivable a true man of GOD

  • Rev Goodwine

    WOW! The history and the Anointing!!!

  • Jane

    Powerful, Majestic, Touches the heart, mind and soul, do I cry or just feel the joy and sadness.

  • Christo

    Beyond indescribable ! Beyond Beautiful! The Angels Cheered!



  • Keith

    This is so beautiful, I sit and listen to this and it brings me to tears. So joyful so beautiful, I wish all people Black and White could be brought together like this.

  • Marlena

    That marvelous rich baritone voice, doing justice with Grace, to an old wonderful song. It moved me to the bosom of my Big Mama. Where I would nuzzle in the safety of her loving warm arms,as she rocked me ever so close, to her large breasts, where her heart beat so purely into my childs ear.

  • Warren "Bud" Hinzie

    How fitting a discovery to hear the deep sorrow which comes from the belly of a slave ship and becomes a truly fitting verse to touch the hearts of all of mankind.

  • Steve Estrada

    How God lifted up slaves sorrow to reach so many of our hearts

  • George Mays

    The combination of feelings expressed by the words and music takes you through depression, hope, belief, freedom and personal exaltation for how far you have come, no matter what race, creed, color or political belief. Within all of our histories, we all experienced the emotions and feeling this song bring to the surface of your mind.

  • George Blumel

    As Dadio Daily used to say " takes the black AND white keys on a piana to play the Star Spangled Banna" that's how he pronounced piano and banner so they rhymed.

  • Bonaventure

    Learn't the originof the black slaves as capt. John Newton who heard the melodies of the slaves of west africa and I felt so great and emotionalnot being of african origin although I was born of asian parentage in east africa Nairobi.

  • Diane Ellis

    His amazing voice and of course the words and music.

  • Raphael

    Not inspired - more filled with despair. Once again real knowledge is hijacked, twisted and contorted to fit and suit a dishonest agenda. There is real music knowledge here but it has been diluted down to nonsense. The Pentatonic scale is found all over the world. It was one of many similar scales before our major minor system. There is nothing particularly black about it. There is nothing particularly religious about it. Many "religious" tunes are written in other scales. The real study of the development of our music system is fascinating and interesting. Why do you have to trivialize what has taken humankind thousands of years to develop? Oh yes! you have no real proof to further your ridiculous claims. Stick God in anywhere and it becomes true... As for the black keys... We know that pianos are found in most African huts!... If I'm not mistaken the slaves brought quite a few of them on their trip to America...but they remembered to not touch the white keys.. ... I've got to get back to sacrificing the neighbors cat for more rain... whoever caused this drought in Cape Town is not joking...stay warm - Raphael



  • Delwin Kessler

    The music was so spiritual. It should let people know that music can speak to the hearts of God's people if their hearts are really burning for the Lord. Thank you Brother Phipps.

  • N. Walker

    Such a beautiful message of sorrow and hope. The most beautiful delivery by Wintley Phipps that I have ever heard.

  • Lois V

    Mercy me how spiritual blessed to hear that story and the song. He has an amazing voice. Thanks for sharing

  • Hella

    What inspired you about this video? It showed the power of prayer and his history of the music and Wintley Phipps well-spoken English explained it with so much love and passion. What a great performance.

  • Carol A. Castagna

    Amen! to all the beautiful and heartfelt statements made by so many people who were touched by this passionate presentation of Wintley Phipps. Praise God!

  • Ellen Harmon

    The back story of the song and the beautiful and emotional singing. I sobbed through the whole video.

  • Annie Dudink

    The song is beautiful , haunting,sorrow and hope.

  • Rita

    What inspired me about this video is the history of the song and emotion he exhibited, his passion poured out of his pores.

  • Dan

    The song itself is an amazing testimony of repentance and the power of prayer and music. John Newton was man who would have been just another faceless, nameless, cold-blooded soul involved in the kidnapping and selling of human beings, not remembered by history. But he became overwhelmed with guilt about the enormity of his sins against mankind, and left us one of the most touching and enduring testimonies of penance and spiritual conversion in the world.

  • Vera Ritfchie

    We are all brothers and sisters and should help one another in all situations. Love is the key. Bagpipes played this song as my brother's casket was carried to the grave. He knew, as I know, that because of Jesus Christ's sacrifice for us, that we will all live again. His amazing Grace.

  • sonny

    my mother loved this song and I loved my mother. I took her to her grave to this song.

  • Travis

    Great history lesson... the melody being a lament from blacks but the words redeeming it from whites... imagine that!

  • Jiro

    I loved the sound of the music on this video

  • Mary

    The song Amazing Grace, the history of the song..

  • Irene Madrid

    I believe there is always hope in the human spirit with this song.....weeping openly thinking about newton's message with the horror of today. keep the Faith. Resist, Rise, Revolt, Remediate for the People.

  • Veronica Moyer

    What inspired you about this video? We are All One of the Same by Christ's Blood. Mr. Phipps is a great witness of the Lord's AMAZING GRACE, by using his great gift from the Lord (his voice) to reaffirm this! PTL


    Studied John Newton after he was a slave captain on a slave ship. His guilt overwhelmed him and he became something considerable lower than a captain. worked in a church in England at menial jobs that no one else wanted. Became very mild and modest. No pride in his wonderful song "AMAZING GRACE'. He was man of strong faith and must remember to look him up in heaven.

  • Nelson

    Love the historical and musical perspective in the introduction followed by the beautiful rendition by Mr. Phipps.

  • Hilde

    It amazes me - touched me deep = again and again - over and over - every time I hear it sung. Specially this time by Wintley Phipps (what a voice). Beautiful presentation.

  • Susan

    One of those songs that brings the Holy Spirit upon you and fills your heart so full of joy it brings tears to your eyes.

  • Rita Benacquista

    Recognizing our Divinity and our Oneness....and as we recognize our own inner Light, we will see the Light in others. And if we fail to do so, it is an indication that we do not feel worthy, which has ntohing to do with our neighbor!

  • kenneth crow

    I pray for those sorrowful souls, this hymn will live on forever. What a beautiful and heartwarming performance

  • Randy Watts

    Wintley Phipps provided all the inspiration I will need for a long time!

  • Albert Howard

    This song - amazing Grace - has been a favourite of mine for a long time. It's so refreshing to learn something new about it's origin from Mr Phipps. God bless you brother.

  • olie carlson

    Mr Phipps words of wisdom and his beautiful voice....He is a Gift From God....

  • Frances Dismore

    This has always been my favorite song and Mr. Phipps has the best voice to sing Amazing Grace. No one cansing it better than Mr. Phipps.

  • Joey Owen

    The entire thing....What A Man Of God and Speaker. Lord, when I grow up I want to be just like him!! I hope to meet him face to face in Heaven.. Thank you Jesus for this opportunity.



  • Marie

    Everything about it. His warm, loving, fun Spirit. His explanations and knowledge he passed on about the 5 black keys. His wonderful, touching singing.

  • gideon

    everything inspired me about this video especially the powerful observation that the colour of the skin is only peripheral to human existence, Gideon, Trinidad & Tobago.

  • Kanani

    Wow! An African Sorrow Chant. It stirs the spirit, brings people together throughout the world. So moving. I love how this is sung, I can feel the slaves & their pain. Thank you lord for an amazingly powerful song that has survived time.

  • Carole

    everything....loved goose bumps all over and tears pouring down my cheeks....and the whole audience was so Spiritual...and all I was also.

  • Joette

    We don't know this slave's name, but we know that his/her words have touched millions of hearts. We'll surely get to know this person when we enter heaven's gates.

  • Ann Seren

    What moved me even more than the music was watching Black and White folks sitting together physically and emotionally while we now are living through the Presidency of a disruptive and dangerous man who wants to take us backwards in so many ways...Truly time to pray.

  • Diane

    The sorrow melody

  • zaqzoqa

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  • Ronald Lauland

    Ever since I first received this message I have listened to this man sing over 100times. I am an 83 yr. old white man. This man has inspired me more than any other singer in my entire life. I want this piece to be sung at my funeral ceremony. God has truly blessed this man. I wish I could afford to have him sing in person at my burial. I have told so many people about this man. His singing is one of God's gift to me.

  • Liz Mitten Ryan

    I have such hope for humanity after watching this site. God bless us every one!

  • Joyce

    The empathy with the suffering slaves. Never heard anything so powerfully truthful and profoundly sad. And the revelation. WOW. Speechless!

  • mary

    The sincerity of Mr. Phipps, the story and his beautiful voice. You can tell GOD is with him.



  • Paunee Uberuaga

    I was inspired by his voice to get up and help others

  • Gloria

    The explanation of how the song came to be written was very powerfully and amazingly shared!

  • Greg

    Everytime I hear this song it brings tears to my eye, you see a few years ago I was in a bad car wreack and I should of been killed, but Thanks to the Amazing Grace Of The Lord he saved me.Shortly after I recovered I gave my life over to are Lord and Saver Jesus Christ.

  • Millie

    By God's amazing grace!

  • Karen

    Beautiful-says it all

  • Judy Ford

    Breathing .... God Bless America .....please try to save us with this remarkable song. Amazing Grace . . . GODBLESS US ALL! When I leave to walk the grounds of God ..... Please sing this song ..... in black keys only!

  • Jewell

    Brings tears to my eyes each time I hear it. So beautiful and gives us hope .

  • Fred


  • Lee

    What inspired you about this video?Everything! It is so encouraging,even when I feel down and out, and nobody else seems to care about my problems, Wintley reminds me in this song someone cares all of the time. Thanks for your website and this information.

  • Wyllee

    The best explaination I ever heard of the song. The rippling waves of the water as Wintley sing the song. His sincerity as he explains how God have changed his life. Thanks for your uplifting to President Obama,others,as well as myself. Where can I find his music?

  • Sandra

    He sings from so deep inside his Soul that my soul resonates in harmony with his voice!!!!!

  • Ralph Abad

    history, music and anti trump I hear an AMEN !

  • Jan

    Did you know that Amazing Grace was adopted by the Cherokee Nation before the Trail of Tears -around 1863 I believe - may have gotten the year wrong. The Eastern Cherokee version is beautiful. Perhaps the best known native singer is Walela. You will love the native American version and graphic effects. I think whoever sings this song from his heart truly at that moment knows himself as soul. Thank you, Mr. Phipps... still teary eyed.

  • Cindy

    This is my favorite song of all and the song makes me cry every time I hear the song. It is just beautiful and I never get tired hearing this song. I also love David Doring who plays Pan Flute on this song is just amazing grace and love it. This song capture my heart deeply with my appreciation to God for being there for me each and every day.

  • Klara van der Molen

    Tears continue to flow as I listen to this interpretation of Amazing Grace, and as I am brought to understand once more our God in all of this, one beautiful blended people under His grace of LOVE.

  • Sharon Garrett

    Jesus how beautiful this is!!

  • Beverly Brownlee

    So touching beautiful

  • Rev Broadus

    The passion and the knowledge of what he was singing . and that voice that brought it together

  • Lorna Hackman

    The haunting melody, and the words, brings tears to my eyes. I can feel the sorrow of all those slaves being brought over to the States. Mr. Phipps brings it all to life in his beautiful singing voice. Wonderful

  • Mike O

    What inspired me about this video? Some question, hey? How about 110% of it. I can see how it is that 5 million folks have seen this; just one shot ought to convince anyone that they might be missing out on something (someone) when they hear this. wow! I wish that this video could be replayed so many times for those who have not heard it.

  • Walter

    Makes every nerve feel the strength of WE ARE ALL CONNECTED !!!!! Beautiful

  • Michael

    That was great and very touching.

  • Michele

    I Thought It was Inspiring & Moving.

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