At Carnegie Hall, gospel singer Wintley Phipps delivers perhaps the most powerful rendition of Amazing Grace ever recorded. He says, "A lot of people don't realize that just about all Negro spirituals are written on the black notes of the piano. Probably the most famous on this slave scale was written by John Newton, who used to be the captain of a slave ship, and many believe he heard this melody that sounds very much like a West African sorrow chant. And it has a haunting, haunting plaintive quality to it that reaches past your arrogance, past your pride, and it speaks to that part of you that's in bondage. And we feel it. We feel it. It's just one of the most amazing melodies in all of human history." After sharing the noteworthy history of the song, Mr. Phipps delivers a stirring performance that brings the audience to its feet!


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  • Jo Diamond

    I enjoyed the history of the song. I wish I could have heard Mr. Wintley Phipps sing it but something happened that stopped the recording. What I was able to hear and see is God sent!!!!

  • chris

    1. He is from my country. 2. The lecture puts the song in context and strengthens it. 3. he has a wonderful voice 4. this is a fabulous lament

  • Wretched Man

    Its not about atrocities man has rationalized because of greed. Its not about the cruel and inhumane treatment all endure past and present. Its not about ethnic or national origins. Its not about color, race or religious beliefs. Its about being FREE. Acts 17:26 And he made from one man every nation of mankind to live on all the face of the earth, having determined allotted periods and the boundaries of their dwelling place. God's Grace is truly Amazing. We should be as brother's and sister's in one body. The Body of Christ. Wretched Man

  • Riley

    If you are not blessed by this song and Mr. Phipps message, you have a problem. Love, mercy and Grace, and it is awesome and AMAZING. And that's the truth.

  • Brenda

    When Phipps made the statement "we are all connected" everyone agreeded. It would be so amazing if could all really live as we are connected. I'm sure when everyone left that hall they all went about their lives as if we are not connected. I keep this in my in box to go back and listen to and even remind myself.

  • Margie

    This hymn reminds me of my dad. My dad had a wonderful baritone voice. Dad died while this song was being sung in the next room. Dad was blind; so, the line " I was blind and now I see " means everything to me. Now, Dad is singing in the heavenly choir. He now longer is blind for NOW HE SEES!

  • Nancy

    This is my mothers favorite song. I always lovingly think of her when I hear it! Wonderful message - wonderful singer.

  • Cason McClain

    The whole truth of God's love is embodied in Amazing Grace.

  • Richard

    The soundings at the beginning of his vocal. I was there in the bowels of the ship.

  • Warren

    This spiritual came from the same place many pentatonic tunes in our hymnals originated, in Appalachia. NEW BRITAIN, the tune we use for Amazing Grace, was first published in a book called Virginia Harmony in 1831, obviously a good while after the text was written. It became "married" to Amazing Grace somewhat after its publication. Per Micki Gonzalez / Sandy Springs, GA, Christian Church

  • tom nicholson

    All gods children love music and by its power each other

  • Kenrick

    This is my most favorite hymn And to hear it being sang by Mr Wintly Phipp is a blessing from GOD the father himself, is is truly a blessing as to what God can do when we allow him to use to do his work, to all of those folks that think and believe that the songs that they are singing now in the churches, that sounds like club and party music, this is what Gods words sounds like when it is done right, it is time that Christians bring back that old time religion, and don't try and get people into the church with the noise and loud music that they are calling worship music, and to all of those people that desecrate, presecute good heartfelt, spiritual, soul searching songs you better wake up and pay attention, Amazing Grace have brought me a long way and with Gods grace will carry me even further, Amen.

  • Jackson

    It is know secret what God can do! My spirit felt like I was there on that slave ship! Beautiful and well said. Thank you for the education on Black history. God Bless you and PBS.

  • a

    i had goosebumps when he sang :O

  • cathy

    You can feel all the spirits coming forth when he sings this beautiful song God has truly given him a beautiful gift. When he sing this song I get cold chills all over. beautiful just beautiful everyone should hear it.

  • Florence Horan

    Amazing Grace has always been one of my favorites - such beautiful meaning - and now to know the history as well - makes it more meaninful than ever. Mr. Phipps does great justice to it - beautiful strong voice. Thank you

  • Anita Parmer

    Love the song and he does a wonderful job singing it!

  • Lynnclaire Dennis

    What do I love about this song? Everything! My Dad was the chaplain at the Washington State Penitentiary when I was growing up and Amazing Grace, his favourite song was often 'uniquely' played often by my conservatory trained pianist Mom! I'm in the middle of a 'retranslation' of the words to this song, revealing how the music cuts the shackles on so much of what binds us. While I am not religious and don't believe in 'God' in the same way that Wintley preaches, I am all about the message of his teacher; Love. Doctring aside, Wintley Phipps' voice is rich, every note a gift that calls forth what is within one and all. Thank you!



  • Linda H.

    Wintley Phipps is one in a billion; definitely touched by Spirit.God Bless. And learning about the Black & white keys was so interesting. I listened to Wintley Phipps music years ago & was just reintroduced to him again thru this Awesome video. God Bless the work he does.

  • Paul Swindle

    This is the very thing that will bring Americans together. The same thing that brought John Newton to Jesus Christ will join all ou us together in Christ.

  • Zena Ali

    It's my life story, I was lost and now I am found.

  • Linda Gilson

    The words of Wintley and the fact that my friend's granddaughter, Gracie Lawton from Mohawk, NY, passed from cancer and that song is Gracie's and always will be!

  • GSM

    The sheer beauty of Wintley's voice and, moreover, the sheer power of the greatest two words ever uttered: Amazing Grace, indeed!

  • Mary Sandiford

    Beautiful. I have heard Amazing Grace played and sung many times. This is the performance of all times. Thank you Mr Phipps.

  • Rev. Pat

    I knew the traditional history of Amazing Grace. What I learned was how Negro Spirituals were built on the "black keys." This is the best Black History/Music History lesson I've receive in a very long time. And I'm an African-American retired music teacher. Thank you Mr. Phipps!!!

  • Jane

    EVERYTHING!! His voice, his delivery, the history.



  • Getsa

    The history and the power in the voice! Awesome!

  • Emily Weaver

    A powerful presentation of history, song, and message.

  • Iretha Mckinley

    So true Godi so Good. It remind me of my grand parents every time I visit them and go to church that is the song I always heard. This video was so awesome

  • Ben Groesbeck

    The emotion behind the words by Wintley

  • Darlene Ford

    It reminds us we are all connected by Gods' amazing grace.

  • Beverly

    Awesome! the Holy Spirit is alive and well and you can feel it in this song. Thank You, Wintley Phipps for your message in the keys .

  • Sofia Roberts

    The way he gave his definition of a simple song, words cannot interpret the suffering that a lot of us in general endure, we just have to keep on doing what we are doing as long as it is the right thing in the eyes of the Almighty. AMEN, ALLELULIA!

  • Wesley K Madison

    Wintly's voice----The song itself is inspiring to me and is spirit filled in itself but Wintley's voice really clinched it and the spirit of God really entered me-------Praise the Lord.

  • Lynn Garrett

    Aaaa-men! Wonderful!

  • Rosalie walker

    Just listening I could feel the presents of God the Father, Jesus the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Praise God.


    THE HISTORY OF THE music " THE BLACK KEYS " a message of LIFE

  • Wayne Cox

    The truth of the story, a message of forgiveness and sung by the best baritone in the country

  • Amy

    Absolutely soul moving! This was my grandmother's favorite hymn. She lived to be 106 years young and I still remember her telling me to listen, really listen, to the words of this hymn and learn from it. My grandmother would have loved to hear Mr. Phipps sing.

  • Beth Compton

    Mr. Phipps countenance!!! He uses that God-given gift of his great singing voice to the mightest degree! Amen, Amen and I say Amen. Beth Compton.

  • Faye Gregg

    What inspired you about this video? I really enjoyed the powerful voice of Wintley Phipps and the whole video.

  • Faye Gregg

    What inspired you about this video? Looking


    Faye Gregg I really enjoyed the powerful voice of Wintley Phipps and the whole video.

  • Arnold

    Powerful,sending to family and friends.

  • Marge Miller

    I loved Wintley Phipps presentation on the black piano keys. Also, seeing such wonderful pictures inside Carnegie Hall. I performed on that stage myself three years ago tonight. What a gift to see it tonight! It's a "God Thing!"

  • evelyn Whittington

    The beautiful words of Amazing Grace brought tears to this 88 year old choir singer.

  • Gwen Black

    I know this is the voice of God.

  • Sylvan Campbell

    Another rendition. My favorite.

  • Ted

    What a lung capacity and a great man who can make everyone tear-up..AMAZING GRACE SAYS VOLUMES ABOUT OUR GOD...

  • Eileen Baker-Wall

    That Mr. Phipps can cause the Holy Spirit to enter such a concert and move so many souls to feel it in Carnegie Hall. Praise God!!!

  • Nanette DeMers

    It was sent to me by my brother.

  • dot spies

    I want to but cannot pull up this video or any part of this e-mail Pleas Help Me

  • Tom

    Spiritual power, felt good to hear.

  • Marilyn Deming

    Where can I find this version of Amazing Grace to buy?

  • Richard Peterson

    Nice story but not accurate. John Newton wrote the lyrics but NOT the melody. The pentatonic scale is actually pretty common around the world and the melody of Amazing Grace most likely came out of Celtic traditional music. Other cultures having a tradition of the pentatonic scale include Greece, South East Asia, and others. Do the research.

  • Kim Gardner

    I am a White Universalist In NH & FL. Our FL choir shares with a local black church. We all love the same GOD

  • Patricia Thompson

    OMG this was glorious it brought chills in my body and tears to my eyes. Oh how beautiful thank you my Lord.

  • Jane Dignam

    Oh thank you Jesus, Praise God. As a musician I knew the story. This rendition of Amazing Grace brought me to tears and to my knees with hands up in praise.

  • Anna Prashad

    God's Amazing Grace and love to us regardless of who we are,or where we. are from, this touched my heart

  • Autumn

    His own deep spiritual connection to this song and it's history as he understands it inspired such a sense of Unity, healing and appreciation. I actually sobbed in response to the overwhelming and powerful connection to Spirit and humanity as he sang. Deeply and very positively moving. Thank you, thank you x

  • steve

    Mr.Phipps has a fantastic voice. Unfortunately, everything else he shared about the melody was a lie. John Newton wrote the text in 1779, the tune "New Britain" was written by an anonymous British composer an as published unrelated to Amazing Grace in 1829, years after Newtons death. The tune was first associated with Amazing Grace by Composer William Walker in 1835. So, Newton never heard the melody we sing today -it hadn't been written. It's a nice story, but it's all fabrication. Of course, that won't stop all of you old folks from ignoring this and passing on the lie to all your email contacts. What has happened to "the Greatest Generation", that they now think all the biblical mandates to NOT GOSSIP don't apply to them anymore??

  • miss josh

    i saw this on the gaithers' program. i was inspired then and a friend just died today, so it helped to see it again.

  • David Maxwell

    Whitney Phipps has a magnificent baritone voice and he sings that song with great emotion. As I sat here watching the video and listening to him sing, chills went through my body, for as an African-American, I too, can feel the terror, pain and suffering of the millions of slaves confined to those ships, pain that exists to this day . . . unabated. Thank you Mr. Phipps.

  • keith snyder

    What a marvelous and amazing voice and talent..Such a gret interpretation and delivery of one of my favorite hymns. OUTSTANDING...

  • nancy burk

    wintley is truly God's servant, i had the privilege of seeing him twice on mackinaw island with winsome women. i also pick him up on saturday mornings camping in the virgin islands. we need more wintleys on this earth. nancy burk

  • Linda

    Touched me to the core!! God's amazing grace! What a gift He has given to Wintley Phipps!!

  • nidgy

    Those teeth. Man, I love American teeth.

  • TeineSavaii

    There is sooooo much power in this song. I feel deeply inside my soul how much love God has for His children no matter where they come from and what they did and do. All He wants them to do is TURN away from sin and the world and TURN TOWARDS Him and they will FEEL that love. I remember driving one day while this song was playing and I literally broke down in tears because I felt the song was for me at that moment in time. I love it!!!

  • Edward Hansley

    It was the most profound voice I've heard in a long time. Yes, you guess it, I love gospel music. I wish every person in this world could listen to his story and then sit back and let it dissolve in their spirit. There is no colors in God kingdom, we all are sisters and brothers laboring together trying to get into the kingdom of God.

  • Grace Maldonado

    Amazing!!!!!!! May His Grace reach multiple of souls through this awesome rendition!

  • Joy

    Amazing Grace is my favorite song. This is wonderful to find out it's origin. Whitley does an awesome heartfelt rendition. Praise the Lord that gives us such undeserved favor.

  • Buddy

    How do I open to hear. There is no play option Buddy

  • Michael Evans

    this is truly amazing and it should be heard by everybody. The Lord has truly blessed this young man.

  • David Freyer

    I've heard many renditions of Amazing Grace. Few have touched the soul, as I'm sure it was meant. Wintley Phipps sang this rendition, as I'm equally sure it was sung close to 200 years ago, touching the soul and bringing the listener closer to God.

  • Ruby Kane

    I had a dtr who was born with Reily Day Syndrome. We found out she was legally blind (20/200) when she was about 6 yrs old. Because of all the abuse she recieved during her school years she became an alcoholic and smoker. When she was 40 she gave up drinking and ran my Residential Care Facility for Seniors she gave up smoking a few years later. She ran my facility for 10 years then she got lung Cancer and died @ age 51. She had given her heart to God and Amazing Grace became one of her favorite songs. When the hospice Chaplain came out to see her just before she died; he told me that he began singing Amazing Grace because he knew it was her favorite song. He said she sang with him and she sang so loud you would have thought she was singing to the angels. She died 30 minutes later.

  • Kathy Adams

    So many interesting facts and Amazing Grace always has been my favorite hymn!! Well Done

  • Gloria Hardmon-Banks

    This song and the history of Amazing Grace bring chills,sadness and Joy, GOD Bless You.

  • Helen

    Sorrow and Joy



  • sri

    Amazing intro to the white & black keys of piano and terrific singing

  • henrietta

    That my Father made us all, bound by His Grace and Mercy.

  • Juliane

    The music history is beautiful... I loved. I don't know how Phipps have a voice amazing, I believe that is a gift of God. I was thrilled. Congratulations and that God Bless you in your ministry much.

  • Sandy

    beautiful, what a history to this wonderful hymn.

  • Susan

    The heart of this man and the way he presents his beliefs is great. By the way I love Negro Gospel music, I believe it is so full of love and heart. Amazing grace is beautiful and always brings tears to my eyes. It was as Wintley says, written by a white slave tracer turned Christian.

  • Hazel DeLoach

    We are all considered as one. Let the hatred go. Do what JESUS would do..........

  • Adeline Robinson

    The passion with which he hummed and sang the song. I could visualize the slaves and almost feel their pain and despair. I also appreciated the education about the black notes on the piano. I'm going to try to play some spirituals that way. Wintley Phipps: AN INSPIRATION TO US ALL!

  • Emily Martin

    As I listened to the words of this song being sung so beautifully by Wintley Phipps, I was moved by God's deep, deep love and grace toward me that He chose me and saved me from all my sins. Then, God spoke to me and said, "I didn't saved you just to enjoy the goodness of God's love, but to share the gospel of Jesus with those around you who don't know Him."

  • Carolyn Welch

    The passion with which his heart delivered this awesome, touching, inspiring message in song. God bless Mr. Phipps..

  • Ken

    I really wanted to see this video and others, but I am unable to play any of your videos.

  • Tina

    To all the able bodied people that didn't stand up for this performance: Shame on you!

  • Rosemary


  • virginia

    A very dear friend and teacher of mine sent this to me a few weeks b/4 she passed...just got to reading it today...excellent timing Lord. Tears~~~

  • A. Duke

    It touched me to the deepth of my Soul

  • Grace Elma Criswell Huskey

    Thank You for touching ny heart. When I was a little girl attending chuch at the Baptist church near my home I thought 'Amazing Grace" was sang for me. Then years later a minister defined the word Grace as God`s gife to us, His Love. My deceased husband used to play on his Harmonica the Negro Spiritual, "Never Grow Old." He received a standing ovation when he played it, after speaking to th United Negro Collge Fund group. His name was E. Evertte Huskey Sr. It was many years ago but I remember the night and the reception they gave him for playing it. He would have enjoyed hearing you sing" Amazing Grace". I learned something today, thanks for sharing tis about the black Piano keys.

  • Glenda


  • Sheila withers

    It gives me the hope that one day we will act like the brothers we were meant to be.

  • Jackie

    The truth about grace and the gift of grace. I have enjoyed Whitney talent for over 30 years. A gifted and true man of God!

  • Lezlie

    Wow - what a voice! Only 1 thing I would like to add though. He made a comment about all Christians - Wht./Blk. etc. all being connected. Well what about the rest of the world (Non-Christians)? We are ALL (Christian or not) connected by the Grace of G-d.

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