Arden Farey was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in 1971 yet describes his life as "privileged." From his wheelchair, with a paint brush manipulated by his mouth, Farey paints what he sees and feels. In this short clip, he talks about life with great insight and humility, noting that his disability has been, in some ways, a gift, forcing him to slow down and experience life in ways many others do not.


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  • Reiko Fujii

    It is now 2018, nine years since you first showed this documentary I made about my good friend Arden. Yesterday, I met two ladies who had worked with Arden while he was living at the VA hospital. These ladies were interested in seeing his documentary. I am glad to find it is still being shown on KarmaTube and that it has over 7,000 views. It seems that many people have been inspired by Arden's philosophy and art. Thank You!

  • Linda Prince Johnson

    My son Cameron was injured as the result of his service in Iraq. He suffered an anoxic brain injury that left him unable to communicate and a spastic quadraplegic. He lived in the VA nursing home in Menlo Park for 9 months while waiting to be discharged from the Army and he was fortunate to have Arden Farey as his next door neighbor. Arden was an inspiration to our entire family and always seemed to know when we needed a lift. We were able to watch his art taking shape every day and it was such a pleasure. Every year he designed the Christmas card sent out by his church and somewhere in my son's room is the card from the Christmas we spent there. Arden and his wife Gwen will always be a happy memory for this family.

  • Beth

    Arden,you are a great Artist and a good inspiration to all. What a great artwork and a video.Thanks for sharing your story to all.

  • Becky Karschney

    Jai shared this with us at the ICRC! What a privilege and honor to see this remarkable man! He leaves a living legacy.

  • Linnéa

    Arden and Gwen - -trying to get in touch with you -- just watched the video -- so good to see you and hear your voice, Arden. Please email.

  • Adrianna

    I just recently got diagnosed w/ Seizures-Inconclusive. Meaning my neurologists can't figure out why out of nowhere I just started getting seizures. After watching this video my day went from being filled with frustration, anger, and self-pitty; however the feelings are gone now and I'm filled with great admiration and inspiration for Arden! Like him I want to live each day to its fullest with a smile on my face! Thank You!

  • Manolis Polychronides

    A truly inspiring video with poignant and beautiful artwork, thoughtful references of thinkers and their sayings and a remarkable example of how to see the blessing in the curse and lead a meaningful life despite life's burdens. Thank you Arden for choosing to play your cards in a way that is sincerely thoughtful, politically conscious and spiritually uplifting!

  • Gurudatt Kundapurkar

    Dear Aden, You are an excellent role model for differently-abled persons. Your smiling narration almost teases the 'disability' nature inflicted on you. The major credit goes to you, Aden, for your can-do attitude but please don't forget all those who toiled with love in designing those aids which helped you to stay functional and creative. Godbless = Gurudatt, Schizophrenia Awareness Association, Pune-India

  • Just Jules

    You are truly an inspiration..I thankyou for for sharing your story..

  • dlboehner

    I too have a disability. In fact, I have two disabilities. But, I really like the comment that Mr. Farey made, "you don't choose the cards you're delt, but you choose the way you play them." I find this to be so true.

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  • Educate yourself about Multiple Sclerosis and help raise awareness by telling another friends about it.

  • Read Rudyard Kipling's inspiring poem 'If' that Arden mentions and learn to treat your triumphs and disasters with similar poise.

  • Send a note of appreciation to the filmmaker, Reiko Fujii, for bringing out subtle beauty and the spirit of everyday heroes like Arden Farey.

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