He's a Spanish-born lawyer, but you'd never know it from his big red nose. Alvaro Neal has chucked the legal world for his true passion: making people smile. He has traveled 50 thousand kilometers by bicycle into Pakistan, where he performs at a school for homeless children.


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  • ram

    Pakisthan,only the name in world map,it have no existense,only have homeless smling childs,have no political/social personalties,who dare to revive the nation.hope smling child after growing wiil recover their past.

  • jerry

    seeing people dedicated like this always makes me feel better.

  • TobesogratefultoGOD

    Do what you really want to do, then accept whatever comes. :)

  • cindylou

    I so admire him! I wish I could lose the fear of living this way and just do it!

  • danny

    Truly inspiring! God bless all of you.

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  • Laughter is said to be the best medicine. Read here about the scientific backing to this theory.

  • Challenge yourself to make atleast one stranger smile everyday.

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