For 31 days, two women in Grand Rapids, Michigan decided to "pay it forward" and do anonymous acts of kindness for random strangers all over town. From leaving inspirational cards at the unemployment agency, to paying for a person's meal behind them at the drive-thru, these inspirational women touched the lives of many in the spirit of generosity and kindness.


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  • Anonymous

    Kindness is lovely no matter what it is.

  • Joneo

    True charity is anonymous

  • FannieBee71

    I do this!!! At the Starbucks drive thru! I always imagine the person behind me with a confused look: "wha?!" I know how "the little things" make me feel--sometimes it changes my entire day and how I handle the rest of what life throws at me. I also pay the toll of the car behind me when crossing the Mackinaw Bridge occasionally. I'm going to do your lottery ticket envelope PIF (pay it forward), too! Thanks for being an inspirational pair of comrades! xoxo

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