Watch this stirring composition by musician Dan Reed, using footage from Charlie Chaplin's speech at the climax of the 1940 film "The Great Dictator" reminding us of the importance of "humanity" in making this world a better place to live in.


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  • Sukhbir

    Dan Reed is a brilliant artist who hopes in his small way to bring a a bit of spirituality in a materialistic world where the majority are just about surviving. Check out Brave New World video produced in association with Greenpeace and Oxfam.

  • mark fleming

    running from love is indeed a fall from grace. we are all human, god is within you. god is love. embrace love. learn to trust your inner feeling. let it out! dont be silent. peace to all x.

  • inder dutt salwan

    where are these people who wrote this speech...where is humanity today...where is compassion today...brothers are after brother's blood...there is no relationship left...everything leaves you uncomfortable...if only everyone knew that both the king & the pauper are moving slowly but surly towards the end & that we must live for the community

  • Shay

    This video touched my soul. What a beautiful way to begin my day with such powerful thoughts to lead my actions that perhaps will add to this wave of loving feelings.

  • Jonah

    Great video. Beautiful

  • Jeremy

    Brilliant work. Moving, powerful, uplifting. An awsome video. Thank you Karma Tube.

  • mimi

    I am a Chaplin fan, saw the Great Dictator, but never heard this speach. Thank you for making this film

  • judy

    Incredibly beautiful and thought provoking,thank you for sharing!!!

  • Brian Sheen

    really awesome and something I hope all who see it take to heart...this is the very mission I have undertaken

  • Joan Marie

    Charlie Chaplin was always known as being a 'silent screen' actor. How incredible that this was the message he sent with one of his few speaking roles...timeless and brilliant. Thank you for putting this together so well. Beautiful!

  • skaka

    I thoroughly enjoyed the video. It was thought provoking and moving. We must fight for humanity and not fall from grace. Beautifully done!

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