Would you say you live in a world of sensory overload? Bombardment is an artistic representation of that feeling. Follow the deep beats but listen to the words as they break down exactly how each individual is constantly bombarded.


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  • Jeremy

    The more I watch this video the more I like it. There are some good messages here. The old guy says people in poor countries never ask him what they should do. It's people in wealthy countries that don't know what to do! And I like the lyrics in the rap: How can I be a better Father, Sister, Brother, Guy, Friend etc. Thank you Karmatube, thank you Dailymotion.

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  • Pick up the intense movie this video is a part of - One Giant Leap.

  • Small acts are not powerless in changing the world - start writing about your random acts of kindness.

  • Stop the bombardment - disconnect yourself, close your eyes, and sit silently for 5 minutes every day.

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