Imagine driving to work on the first day of your dream job, seeing a few homeless folks on the street, and giving it all up to help them. Anne Mahlum began "Back on My Feet" to encourage the homeless to join her in running through the streets of Philadelphia. By using running as a means to build confidence and self-esteem, combined with job training resources, Mahlum has given many homeless people a chance at a new life. She has helped them see past the reasons for their homelessness, and decide to turn over a new leaf.


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  • Mick Dodge

    Your on the right footing Anne! I have been sharing Foot Camps with the homeless for many years over three mountain ranges, you can check out the blog at You might be interested in the support that we bring to your path. mick

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  • Learn more about this amazing work and the Back on My Feet organization to see how you could help to provide opportunity to others.
  • Learn more about Betty Chinn and her amazing work for the homeless in Eureka, CA and see how we could all make a similar change in our own communities today!
  • Make a deal with yourself to consciously attempt to connect with anyone who reaches out to you.

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