The world's largest movement has no name, no leader, and no ideology, yet it involves more than 100 million people. Paul Hawken, in his inspiring speech at Bioneers, says, "The movement cannot be divided because it is atomized - small pieces loosely joined. It forms, gathers, and dissipates quickly. Many inside and out dismiss it as powerless, but it has been known to bring down governments, companies, and leaders through witnessing, informing, and massing." The prominent scholar and author adds, "This movement is not burdened with a syndrome of trying to save the world; it is trying to remake the world."


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  • Lissett Pacheco

    very inspiring I WANT TO BE PART OF IT!

  • Arlan Berglas

    Paul, Great speech! Arlan Berglas Director of Global Development We, The World

  • MichaelK

    I'd begin by searching for organizations and people in your home city. Also, try searching for orgs through one of the 378 areas of focuses related to environmental and social justice, such as: Worker's Rights, Alternative Fuels, Local Food Systems and Human Rights Protection. Anyone can view the database, but you must join (its free and takes a minute) if you want to add or edit it!

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