Janine Benyus has spent her life learning about nature and the environment all over the world. However, she doesn't do it simply to share and experience the beauty and wonder of the natural world. She spends her time teaching about nature to help people design better products and improve existing technology. Listen to the amazing stories of how nature solves many of the problems with which we struggle.


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  • Wil Dancey

    Very Inspiring, I totally agree, Why try to reinvent the wheel. Just open our eyes and learn from 1000 of years old solutions in front of as. Nature has solved these issues so elegant and beautiful.

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  • Check out Janine Benyus' website on biomimicry, which is how we copy and incorporate nature into our technology.
  • If we keep destroying nature, we will not be able to learn from it.  We could be unintentionally destroying the cure for cancer, or some other amazing discovery
  • Pick up trash, plant trees, or do any number of things to help the environment flourish and spread the word in your community.

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