Perhaps the key to peace requires us to go back to our simplest and most basic values. Really basic -- like the Golden Rule: "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you". For the first time, the Charter for Compassion is attempting to create a movement of kindness and empathy based on this principle that EVERYONE can relate to. Watch the video and take part in this global movement, and individual journey, towards peace.


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  • Gloria ives

    I've often believed that "Do unto others is the only answer we really need..." others being all life forms." A do no harm approach would be best. But it takes a strong will not to speak, or to do the right thing in the face of overwhelming disagreement....But little by little choice by choice, we can do it..

  • karthik

    very inspiring ... moves me to take action!

  • Joanie

    Have you heard about the Avatar Compassion Project??Harry Palmer of the Avatar Course, announced the project at the Avatar Professional Course in October, 2009. His goal is to have ONE MILLION compassion cards distributed by August 17,

  • Janice Devine-Patterson

    I love this is so simple and so powerful and truly I too believe to be the key to creating heaven on earth. My new company is all about bringing people together in small circles to play together...share...connect and create this sacred circle we get to Stop, relax and that space we SEE the light, the love and the unity shining back at ourselves...we begin to feel our oneness..the walls begin to MELT and come tumbling down......This truly is the movement on the planet right now and it is a powerful and transformative one..LOVE one ANOTHER...LOVE from the is the 9/11 call NOW...we all must begin to LOVE ourselves and Love one another.. Thank you for sharing...Thank you for this...beautiful.. Love and Light,

  • Kelly White

    Very motivating; I'm in!

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  • Read the completed Charter for Compassion; unveiled on November 12, 2009.

  • Bring the Charter for Compassion to life -- explore acts of compassion taking place all over the world for inspiration to carry out your own acts of compassion.

  • Host a circle of friends to talk about the power of the Golden Rule.

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