Enjoy this music video, by New Thought singer/songwriter Daniel Nahmod. His song, "One Power," takes a non-denominational view at the higher forces at work in our world. His inspirational lyrics, coupled with touching images of nature and humanity, will surely inspire you to find more opportunities to be loving.


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  • Bright Light

    One Power by Daniel Nahmod - "the power of the love in you and me!"

  • alina

    i love one power

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  • Find more inspirational music at Daniel Nahmod's website.

  • Nahmod's song addresses the fact that, despite differences in beliefs, all of humanity is joined in a common goal of love.  Learn how to build this community of togetherness through service.

  • Find some local music in your area to support. Join in on these local events, and let the music motivate you to do good in the world.

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