"Hope is a good thing, maybe the best of things." Hope inspires us and others to act in a way that makes the world a better place. It makes us want to leave our comfort zones, knowing that, with enough work, we can transform our world and our consciousness. Learn more about hope in this deep video.


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  • Sergio Lopez

    It’s everything I’ve been reading about in my graduate program on organizational leadership. I was meant to find this today.

  • Alice Kast

    inspiring--the simplicity and beauty that gives words to and celebrates a meaningful evolutionary journey worth continuing thank you

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  • Hope is a worldwide phenomenon.  As long as there is disease, war, and poverty affecting the globe, our own lives face more difficulty and distress.  Strengthen your hope by supporting groups that bring progress to those in need.
  • Children are the hope of tomorrow.  The changes we wish to see will be carried forward by them to future generations.  Ensure that our world is stronger going forward, become a champion for a child.
  • Think deeply about what you are hopeful for.  What changes do you think truly need to be made in your own life, your community, and the world at large?  Prioritizing what needs to be done allows you to take charge of being the change.

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