Over 20 years ago, Dr. Paul Farmer graduated from Harvard Medical School, and promptly moved into a local church with his wife and daughter. The reason? He wanted to reduce his expenses so he could treat the homeless in Boston for free.

Watch how this man systematically has changed the medical profession by focusing on one place, Haiti, for over 20 years - and in the process has rekindled what it means to be a doctor for thousands.


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  • toni

    I attended the Skoll world forum on Social Entrepreneurship some years ago and got chatting to a guy over drinks... a few of us left and spent the evening chatting elsewhere. The guy was sweet and lovely and the best listener. He made you feel you were the most interesting person in the world. I was horrified to find out who he was later on..... Paul Farmer. He was so humble he didn;t even mention very clearly what he did.

  • bill

    Okay, very, very inspiring. But I find missing is the teaching of birth control. The 45 year old mother with 11 children wouldn't have come close to dying with number 12, if her husband used a condom. Population control would allow quality of life to come up in Haiti. Expanding medical care is a band-aid on a HUGE gaping wound. Birth control is the long term cure.

  • kathie

    Was Paul in Haiti when the earthquake hit? Is he and his family ok? Did his clinic survive????

  • Jane Sunshine

    What a shame more doctors can't be like Paul.

  • Timmo

    You would think that this model could be used in the United States for those who can't afford health care. But then how would people get rich off of it???? Very sad.

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  • Join Farmer's organization, Partners in Health, in helping with the crisis in Haiti.

  • Read about life in Haiti in Farmer's biography, Mountains Beyond Mountains.

  • Next time you are faced with a large problem, actively seek to break it into smaller parts.  In this way, world health issues may be big, but 'being the change' creates a ripple that impacts everyone you touch.

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