Jamie Oliver is a chef based in the UK, and yet here he is advocating on behalf of children in the USA. His reason is because its JUST SO IMPORTANT. Watch his emotional plea to change the way schools teach nutrition to youth, and what he's doing to play his part.


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  • denise

    had to check my milk and yes there is sugar in it I never knew

  • Elisheva

    The common sense he speaks that we all SHOULD know but to reluctant to keep on DOING.. Even if we plant a little veggies ourselves, it will help. As a grandmother, I teach my grand-children to garden and to cook fresh and healthy.

  • Nagi

    Jamie Oliver has been a favorite of mine for awhile now. He's intellegent, integritous, and funny. He speaks common sense. What's not to like?

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  • Sign Jamie's food revolution petition.
  • Try out a few new healthy recipes that are kid-friendly here and here!
  • Change your own diet.  Explore healthier options for yourself at home, each of us are role models for the children around us.

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