Matt Weinstein was on vacation in Antarctica when he learned via satellite telephone that he had lost his ENTIRE life savings in the Bernie Madoff scandal. Despite all the fear and anxiety that came with having his world turned upside down, Matt managed to learn new, positive lessons. Watch Matt give a light-hearted talk on how he discovered the true wealth in life.


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  • Kellie Hosaka

    Thank you for your beautiful perspective! Wow, thank you for having the courage to tell your story. You are truly an inspiration to the world. Aloha, Kellie Hosaka Hawaii

  • Abdul

    Thank you

  • Jagdish P Dave

    What a timely gift to almost all us who are going through heavy duty stress in our everyday life.Love, connection,compassion and community are the basic ingrediants of happinees. My expereince and the exoereince of the people who are connected with us affirm the power and truth of this philosophy and art of living. Thanks Jagdish P Dave

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  • Wondering how to get through your own anxious and difficult times? Helping others gives you a chance to plug back into a a place of connection and trust.

  • Imagine how you would feel if all of your possessions were suddenly taken away. Take a moment to be grateful for everything that you have been given in your life.

  • If someone you know is going through a rough time, give them the gift of compassionate listening. Help them (and yourself) find the positive messages hidden in a difficult situation.

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