Three years ago, as a kind of experimental community art project, Frank Warren handed self-addressed 4 x 6" postcards to 3000 strangers and asked them to mail him back a secret -- anonymously. After receiving about 100 responses, he figured his project was complete. "But the idea spread in a viral way," Warren recounts. To date, the unassuming 42 year-old father has received over 100,000 artistic, enigmatic, and often very personal admissions -- as many as 200 a day. "We think we're keeping secrets," Warren suggests, "but the secrets are actually keeping us. With one courageous decision, you've freed a part of your life."


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  • Rama Raju KV

    This is a wonderful video. Gave lot of energy.

  • Janet

    Great video...makes me think..

  • jason Patterson

    This video was amazing!! It opened my eyes to not only what other people hide each and everyday, but from what I myself in. Thank you....for the courage

  • g

    Kinda depressing, actually.

  • choclet peye

    This vid was the best dailygood Ive had so far. thanks peeps. ;)

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  • View postcards that others have sent in, or get the book, and send in your own secret!
  • Email a thank you note to Frank Warren for starting this project.
  • "I feel secrets are a gift," says Warren. "They help me." Treat the next secret someone shares with you in a similar spirit.

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