In this public service announcement, Friends Without Borders offers a solution to the global tensions existing in our world today: connect children with one another, heart-to-heart, on a global scale. This new generation might then, quite possibly, help grow the world into a warmer, friendlier home for us all.


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  • Alan Dennis

    A wonderful little film. If you care, want to share and learn join us

  • Janaki Raman

    It was such a wonderful video and I would to do whatever little I can to dissolve borders and to generate a mentally healthier generation in the future.

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  • Learn about Friends without Borders' refreshing approach to peace.  Watch another video about how FWB got started!

  • The Hand in Hand Center is another initiative which holds that children are the key to building peace. Read about its unique model for schools in Israel.

  • Write a friendship note to someone with whom you've had a disagreement.

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