On May 5, 2010 Mukhtar awoke to celebrate yet another birthday. He went to work as usual, driving a public bus for the hundreds of passengers in Copenhagen that rely on him for public transport.

It seemed like just another ordinary day...but that's because he had no idea that the passengers on his route had a surprise in store for him. Happy Birthday (or "Glaedelig Fodselsdag" as it's said in Danish)!


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  • Ash Dasgupta

    Made me cry!!!! Wonderful...and goes to show how good it makes us feel to be good to others!!

  • Neha Phukan

    Oh wow - that vdo has really truly made my day! Its astounding what magic happens when we do something SO simple to make someone happy :) And this vdo is beautiful for so many reasons! Not only did it connect so many people in a mission to make Mukhtar's day but its also a message of humanity, with all the recent bad press bout ill-feelings against Muslims in Europe. Awesome video!!!

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  • Make someone's day today! Gift them with a random act of kindness.

  • For your next birthday, celebrate the abundance in your life by turning things around and giving gifts to others. It doesn't matter if you give small or really big -- it's the thought that counts! ;)

  • Consider all the things public employees do to make your everyday life run smoother and safer. Next time you see a public servant (a cop, bus driver, crossing guard, mailman, etc.), express your gratitude!

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