33-year-old Salman Khan recently quit his highly lucrative job at a hedge fund to devote himself to teaching students around the world for free. All without leaving his home.

Salman has created over 1,400 videos on YouTube -- covering everything from basic algebra to differential equations, physics, history, and finance. His videos attract more hits than most university websites. And comments, feedback, and notes of gratitude pouring in from youth around the world indicate these videos are both invaluable and very needed, in an education system that is not working for all.


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  • Anne

    Yes, it's wonderful, generous, amazing. But does Khan know everything about everything? Does anyone ever check to see if he's right in what he's teaching??

  • captainjohann

    How a single person can do wonders with Internet and also help other humans for free.

  • Trishna

    Thanks for sharing Salman's story -- really incredible act of service to so many around the world!

  • Abdul

    A true inspiration thank you for your devoting service and thank you for sharing Love Abdul

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  • Read through comments from students around the world expressing gratitude and eager requests for instruction on new topics! Leave your own message of thanks for Salman.

  • Learn more about how World Possible is using technology to improve education in developing countries like Ethiopia.

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