In this day and age, we have come to super-size not only our foods but our houses as well. Just as smaller portions on our plates are good for us, so are smaller houses on our Earth. Jay Shafer is leading the way on improving the world of architecture, housing, and low-impact community living. Smaller houses equal smaller carbon footprint and smaller mortgages, not to mention less maintenance. Let's redefine the American dream, one house at a time!


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  • Richard MacCrea

    My family (3) lives happily in 460 square foot passive solar, earth bermed house. We love it!

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  • To learn more about the small house movement, visit the Small House Society website.

  • One can own a home for less than $20,000!!  Find out more about building and living in a small house.

  • Want to prepare for living in a small house? Start by keeping only what you need.

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