Two years ago Zack Weinstein, a student at Skidmore College, broke his neck in a swimming accident. He is now a quadraplegic--an experience that's prompted a complete reinvestigation of once-everyday activities, from getting dressed in the morning, to participating in theatrical productions, to attending parties, to going on dates with his girlfriend. In service to other quadriplegics, Zack and Silas Hagerty, a close friend and filmmaker with Smoothfeather Productions, are pleased to present this intimate account.


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  • Nigel

    As a father of 2 children I constantly recognise the fragility of life and your words are very prophetic. You have amazing spirit and tenacity and are blessed with caring and genuine friends. I can only wish you a continued and fulfilled future and hope that you still manage to realise many of your dreams. The link to your video will be sent to many if for no other reason than it should be seen. A dad from the UK

  • Marie

    You Rock Zack - Your courage and strength are an inspiration. You are blessed to have some extraordinary friends. Peace and blessings, M

  • Laura

    Thank you so very much for your strength gave me strength. I have passed the video on to my coworkers and family members. They too shall have your strength and determination. Love always Laura

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