We come into this world with no instruction manual or option to take a Life 101 course to find out what the meaning of life is. So we ask ourselves and we ask others, "What is the meaning of life?" It turns out the answer is simple. No wonder a manual or course is not needed:) So here it is .. Love + Joy + Service = LIFE. Life is a series of experiences that help us love, learn, and grow. Watch this video outlining the recipe for life!


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  • Jody

    I love the music; it really stirred my heart. The messages are so simple, yet mean everything. Thanks for this. <3

  • Maria

    Just beautiful:) A tenderness shines thru. Powerful simplicity...love the music.

  • Tankiso

    This video is touching my soul, i resolve to reshape my being and be as dynamic as i can-Life worthliving''This video embodies strong-valuable message.

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  • View this simple, beautiful video showcasing the moments of life.
  • Be the example that a life is worth living. "Ask what makes you come alive, and go do it."
  • Start off with one thing on the video that you do not do on a regular basis or have difficulty doing. Map out your plan so you can do it and think about it until it becomes second nature.

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