This short, but powerful film begins with a simple question: What was your most exciting day last week?

In answer, we hear a fairytale threaded through scenes of a stark reality - as seen through the sweet, innocent eyes of a little boy named Max. What the actual story being told by this film is left for you to decide.


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  • Kui Choo

    Heart-wrenching but beautiful; children do not see poverty the way they do not see disabilities Unlike adults, they see paradis e in a wildflower (William Blake)

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  • Learn more about the real statistics on poverty around the world. Write down 3 things you can do to help lift even one child out of poverty. Now do them.

  • Poverty is dangerous for children in many ways. Read about how poverty affects children's brains.

  • The way Max views his world is beautiful, sad, lovable, and profound all at once. Watch Buddhist monk Matthieu Ricard talk about what it takes to be happy.

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