This charming video pays tribute to the happy wholesomeness of being alone. Tanya Davis recites her poem about the ways of solitude, gently cataloging all the places where aloneness can bring freedom and healing. Whether at a lunch counter, park bench, mountain trail, or on the edge of a dance floor - all you have to do is love yourself enough, to love being alone.


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  • Deb

    This was so special. Thank you for showing good mental health by way of beautifully written words.

  • Judy

    Wonderful,reinforced my feelings and thoughts.Society makes us believe that being alone is sad, it is not it is peace !Thank you Tanya

  • Alhana

    It left me feelimg at peace. All this week I've made a point of enjoying my alone time but like Tanya says it has given me the opportunity to share uplifting moments with strangers and I have. Thank you to Erica in the new coffee bar I discovered in my home town, to the Portuguese gentleman I shared my table with because there were none free and his legs were tired. Thank you to the staff at the vegan restaurant who made me feel so welcome and inspired me to try a new ingredient, jackfruit. Thank you to all the people who remind me how unique we all are and that includes me.

  • Janet

    I am so happy that I decided to watch this inspiring uplifting video. I loved the video it somehow brought peace to me. I enjoyed listening to all the advice Tanya gave for how to be alone. I myself feel very much alone now since the passing of my husband. We were always a couple. I am the kind of person who do like alone time anyway. However, I do like to socialize.I am grateful for this video and will use my creativity in being alone. I have done some of the activities that Tanya mentioned. I miss my soulmate so much but now I realize that it is just me.

  • Ella de Jong

    Thank you Karmatube for this inspiring video of Tanya Davis about 'how to be alone' ! I've put it as an inspirational video in my (very simple) newsletter, today! Warm smile to you all! Let's communicate with each other in a creative - warm - respectful - empowering way!

  • Sandip Sheta

    Loving others is easy. Loving yourself is the hard part…. Or so we often think. But as many wise figures have remarked over the years, it’s in fact only when you first learn to accept and cherish your own essence that you can find the peace of mind to be truly present for your loved ones — and for your own life.

  • Michelle

    So true! We are so conditioned by what others think!

  • Chris

    This is so lovely. I enjoyed the mix of animation, poetry, and joy. Yes, yes, yes. I hope Tanya will do more of these videos. Thanks for this one.

  • Sybil

    I love the freedom!!

  • Cedrus

    This is just wonderful! An in-the-world mystic! We should never feel shamed or ashamed for wanting to be in touch with a depth of feeling that can only be accessed in solitude. This approach is an inspiring way to start down that path, or to affirm it. Thank you for making this. You are an artist of life.

  • Micki

    The joy of being with oneself - who's really alone then?

  • Nancy

    Love. Love. Loved this poem it gave me the approval to enjoy my solitary life. I have always been comfortable with myself, but marketing in our world of today does not glorify nor pay attention to being comfortable by ourselves. We are bombarded with messages that being alone is somehow wrong. Thank you Tanya!

  • Terry

    Nice. Truth.

  • kay

    i want to hear more about this. I am waiting and wondering.

  • kay

    There isn't enough discussion about being alone - or about how people see the world who are alone. It isn't always romantic or miserable but it is different!

  • Deepak

    Thank you . Yes being alone enables you to connect to your inner self and find out your own truths , of who you are and where you are in life . It enables you to analyze yourself and focus and eliminate one's ego .

  • B. WIllo Poland

    Sweet video that reminds us of the virtues and pleasures of spending time in one's own company, and the difference between alone and lonely. We are taught to avoid being alone but we miss much in our fear and insecurity and reluctance to embrace what is. We miss also the taste of our own Basic Goodness and that of the universe when one slows down enough to hear and sense it.

  • Michael Francis

    I am learning to be alone. Just 2 months ago, my friends abandon me. I have taken these challenging times to discover myself from within. I live in a village in Goa with the beautiful nature all around. I am becoming one with nature and discovering that I do not have control over it. A cat adopted me and had two kittens. They too are with nature and behave freely and so much full of joy and love. I do not control that either. At times, loneliness kills my spirit. Thankfully, it only the first two hours of the day. I go down to the village to notice the simplicity of life. I use to live in MD, USA. How vastly different? I appreciate this video because I don't have to be embarrassed or ashamed to be lonely. I am working on my spirituality and want to create happiness and love around me.

  • Frenchelle

    I help a woman who is 97years old and she is lonely. I realize since she has dementia she can't remember much or do many things but she has such a sense of humor. She always wants to know what I do but I look forward to isolated periods of time since my daughter and family moved in. I do love my solitude and have my time filled with interests and things to do. I would not chose to be alone constantly but when I am I enjoy myself immensely. I understand my friend not wanting to be alone since she misses talking to people and not able to do for herself. I am learning so much from her and I make good use of my time. Being alone must be a choice.

  • Wijesinghe A Gamini

    Alone and solitary are totally difference. When you alone be solitary. This footage tells how to be a solieary when you get alone. I appreciate.

  • Hugo Montgomery

    It is very shocking video for me, in my opinion to be alone is very sad but also if you can be alone is because you are ok with yourself, so is like a contradiction- I really admired this person because she can enjoy only with her company. All the best


    What about persons who are alone but are not so voluntarily?

  • Satish Kumar

    You realise the meaning of "Freedom" "being yourself" and find your inner self with more space to love yourself which you never get to experience while with being people around. A true revelation of what you really love than what you don't. I experience these moments and realise what I actually love about being alone you are directly and instantly connected with your innermost self, which is a true experience of your life. Few moments in life quite often must be experienced by being alone and doing whatever you feel like doing. a beautiful narration by Tanya.

  • PEmm

    Beautiful poem, beautiful voice, and beautifully narrated. It has left me very peacefully.

  • Barr

    Your peace, youth, joy, beauty, good heartedness, means: if such a wonderful person can be alone, so can I

  • ani

    Thankyou Tanya and friends...I will return to this wise, lovely video often:)

  • Vicki

    The simplicity of Self. Just lovely.

  • Robert

    Loved it! P.S. Winston Churchill needs a knit hat and scarf.

  • WenDii

    I liked this video so so much. IT got better as I watched it more. Lots of great ideas & thoughts. I'll still be feeing this video later. Even when I'm driving & doing other things.

  • sue

    the compassionate thoughts for others who might just gain solace from these beautifully spoken words

  • jennifer

    Tanya's honesty.

  • Lorna

    All very well saying it's easy to be alone Bunny; this video is presumably for those people who are afraid of it, or imagine they'll hear the bell toll if they find themselves on their own.

  • cochava

    the intinicy softnes creativity

  • Al

    Thank you Thank you, this made me smile, lifted my heart, feels like a gift to me and to the lovely people I will now share it with.

  • Cindy

    I am inspired by your authentic sense of self and true abandon to life accepting and surrendering and creating amazing possibilities! Awesome

  • Toni McClendon

    I enjoy spending time alone with myself. That way I am never lonely for I am some of my best company. Walking through the woods or along trails in the city parks. Sitting on the banks of the river watching boats go by. Having conversations with myself because I am a very good listener. Plopped down in the grass looking up at the sky and watching the clouds,"seeing" the pictures go by, These are my favorite things. The video filled me with comfort and joy. This is how the video inspired me.

  • Joan

    What inspired you about this video? I was very surprised that so many people think you can't know yourself unless truly alone. Yes, sometime alone is wonderful but I believe the lesson in life is to be living peacefully with all different types of people. It's easy to be alone. Being an involved person with society is the challenge!

  • Joan

    What inspired you about this video?Her voice is peaceful and beautiful. However she has a cat to keep her company. There is nothing special about you because you are able to be alone. Perhaps people don't enjoy your company!!! Normal people need interaction with other people or animals.Nothing sadder than someone losing their mate and forced to be alone. It's so much more of a challenge to be peaceful with other people.

  • Georgina

    the sound of her voice is awesome and peaceful but I have always been okey with being alone just wanted to hear what this was all about and get some new ideas and I did thanks to that beautiful voice and letting other people know that there's nothing wrong with being alone your still the same person you always were I just needed to make an adjustment after the love of my life died in Oct. 2011 but knowing he was no longer in pain gave me great comfort as I hated seeing him suffer so. So thank you for this very beautiful speech it was very comforting Love Georgina.

  • Tine

    This is simply beautiful. Thank you!

  • caitlinjo

    I think this is an amazing piece of art! I also love that so many people contributed to it. I think alone gets a bad rap & is misunderstood (ie: the comment about so many people being involved in the making of the film). It seemed the message was to enjoy your time alone. But much like the dancing or the sitting on the bench, invite others in when you want to & the opportunity arises. Many times I think we are enjoying our alone time & then feel guilty & start to make ourselves feel lonely instead.

  • vida nicol

    Great video.... what inspired me is that I am not alone in the quest for happiness in being alone.

  • Margaret Kribs

    My attitude about doing things alone has changed after watching this video. .I lost my close friends and family in the last few years and suddenly find myself alone. I feel that now I can go out alone and be o.k. Thank you.

  • Absent

    She has the same guitar and dictionary as me but different slippers.

  • Tony

    This video made me smile, Thank you so much. With all these comments your not so alone. Wishing you happiness,even when your alone.

  • pat67

    Its simplicity and honesty Loved it

  • SherryLynn

    ps: I spend 75% of my time being alone, and though Occasionally I wouldn't mind having someone in my life, have been married twice and raised two families, so I really don't mind having this part of my life to myself. For the past 4 years I have enjoyed it, some times more than others, but it has been nice to not 'have' to do anything for anyone else, after doing everything for everyone else for so many years. It's been very liberating to take the time to self-examine and accept, warts and all, all the intricasies of being me, as well as targeting areas of my personality that need working on.

  • SherryLynn

    Looked to me like there were an AWFUL lot of people involved in making the How to Be Alone video, which rendered it disingenuous for me. Sorry.

  • Dan

    It makes me feel better knowing that I am not crazy for enjoying my solitude, even though my kids think I am nuts.

  • Susan

    Tanya Davis, what a gift you have given in such a gentle and beautiful way. I love it. It's going on my Facebook page. I hope lots of others read this and open to the wondrous possibilities that you have suggested. Thank you.

  • Chandeesh

    Sincerity of the protagonist, self-belief and shunning the streotyped lifestyle to claim personal space. Thou art born free Will the sprout of your wings and soar beyond the skies !

  • ken

    hi there, what i felt from the videos is this, it was a reminder of things we leave behind, don't think about, or we are just to isolated to remember, Isolation can really freeze people. After a 7 yr breakup, I have spent more time alone in the last 2 months, then in the last 7 yrs. It has been great and awful, yet here I am still here, willing, open for the proces and abound with new energy from your perspective, in the motivation in which wrote this song for u/with u. Since, I believe all creative preocesses come from without self and the self, in its ability to respond and create, thus creates this gift, then this gift moves through us and we are available or not, the one's(people), who really learn to be alone are more available to the creative process, we/they are cleaner slates to work with. We are plainly more open beacuase in our want or desire, to move through, being alone gives us this, a more open slate, less problems,less complications, less drama,less other people stuff, those who come through real isolation, know this. I really thought this is really good work, I think this girl has got it right. Just don't worry, go out and be amongst everyone else and u just might meet another u at there. Maybe not but at least u have a whole self to rely on, who can say that and then really represent that in their life's, offering this to the earth and humankind. peace, ken truly thank u

  • Charles

    From "alone" to seeing - a(l)l ONE. When in my head there are times i feel alone. When living from my heart i know we are ALL ONE. Thank you for reminding us of the importance of living in our hearts.

  • Laura

    I loved the thoughts expressed; it's okay to be alone. I had just seen a quote recently that goes perfectly with this that read; 'Transform the pain of loneliness into the joy of solitude.' Great job!

  • Gretchen

    i have been working on this journey of aloneness for many years. Now, at 58, coming from a highly dysfunctional family I started going places, like out in the woods for my sanctuary. Then I lost it. Why? I didn't truely love myself yet. Now, I do.

  • noel

    oh I let lonliness eat my lunch ... until I decided to embrace it. Being a widow rocks your world and makes you have to redefine your existance. This only embraced who I am and what I am doing!

  • Sue

    Love this! I am reminded of the gift of such simplicity~ my own company & the richness of such an experience. A deep bow to you.

  • Chie

    "being alone is not because dont have any friends or family, but once being alone in many ways was very peaceful...:)Thank you.

  • Shaw

    This is the most exact thing that I needed right now. You may have saved my life. Thank you.

  • Iana

    I am going to go and practice my neglected accordion, alone, and not worry about annoying anyone.

  • sethi

    Thank you . Being alone is being close to God . Beautiful .

  • john

    Tis very true, all that was said. There is something spiritual about aloness, peaceful, and and rewarding. Very well put. Excellent!

  • LM

    It just reminded me that alone is okay. Thank you.

  • joann

    Just beautiful! Thank you!

  • Sandra

    "There is heat in a testament!" Tanya, really seemed this whole writing just flowed freely from the synthesis of your heart and mind, as if just said and complete with no editing! Excellent and so appreciated! Great collaboration too in music and film antimation, all!

  • April

    I was reminded of all of the gifts within the time that is your alone :) Thank you Tanya for sharing such a gentle and beautiful example.

  • Jeff

    That was very nice!

  • Paula

    How can we love and be with others if we cannot bear to be alone and love ourselves. This reminds me of Oriah Mountain Dreamer's poem, "The Invitation." She writes, "I want to know if you can be alone with yourself and if you truly like the company you keep in the empty moments.

  • Spencer

    Yeh, thanks Tanya, for putting into words what silence, stillness and solitude might want us to know about the wonders of just being...not accomplishing, achieving, or improving, just being. God's truest language is silence, and can best be heard when alone and still. Becoming aware of one's own presence is not different from the awareness of the One, since we are that. Your words and video have blessed those for whom this message is intended.

  • Noor a.f

    Being alone is what I chose because I got too many problems and going in very busy places will only jam my head. I like cool places like here such this time am making decisions that will lead me. when a small problem starts normally big problems follow. God just knows and he never address I just solved one and another one needs me to solve if I want peace. how can I then be in a noisy place? Thank you for the video and continue the good.

  • Henri Ferguson

    There are so many simple yet really profound truths spoken in this beautiful video. As a yoga teacher ny emphasis is on mindfulness which inevitably speaks to stillness and silence; learning how to be comfortably alone. Imagine being with a close friend or significant other and walking in the woods, riding in a car or just sitting in a room and all of sudden realizing that you have both been silent for the last 20 minutes, and that silence was as comfortable as wearing your favourite old sweater. The ability to experience that comfort in silence with another is the experience that we must have with ourselves to begin to access that "inner peace" we all talk about but for most of us have no idea what that actually means. Learn to be still.

  • Ari

    I love Tanya Davis. She is a beautiful artist with a great message. The video reminds me that there is peace in solitude, and a chance for my heart to be open and free with myself. There is something so sacred about solitude.

  • erin

    Alone is where it all begins...:)

  • Joyce

    This relevant video speaks to my heart and soul. When I was widowed in 1990 "alone" was not a good place to be. But since that time I have adjusted to my life changes. I eventually discoverd PEACE with just being by myself. I gained valuable insight that allowed me the freedom to create the life that I desired.

  • cei

    This video has helped me so much today,I'm rediscovering the joy of being alone and the possibilities it brings. Absolutely beautiful, thank you.

  • Cindi

    The simplicity of how to be alone and reminder that it is ok.

  • Christine

    Thanks for finding the words to describe why I like to be alone. So many people do not understand the thrill and the peace of it. Its not being introverted, quite the opposite. Only in the quiet of being alone can I see and hear all that is around me.

  • Michelle

    Heartfelt thanks Tanya for creating this loving, giving message. Your words, the gentle music and your thoughtful, uplifting video is a much needed gift to love and cherish who I am. Thank you...I needed that reminder!

  • Priscilla D'Gama

    prayer and music are the two greatest assets when alone . Thanks for sharing your thoughts

  • Denise Best

    That's lovely Tanya thanks for sharing, sometimes we all need ME time x

  • Alone somewhere

    I like to be friend ..... more than ..... have friends ..... Alone is OK. ^^

  • HKS

    I don't avoid solitude, I seek it out... so I deeply appreciate this primer for those who fear it. Thank you for the beautiful thoughts and imagery Tanya!

  • Gretchen

    be brave! believe in yourself! DO IT!

  • Thelma

    This poem is lovely. I love my alone time but also love being around others. I find I need my alone time so I can refresh and re-energise to cope with the busyness of being with others.

  • Mayangel

    If you are happy with yourself, can keep the mind quiet without any mental chatter, no attachment to people, pets, places, things, positions, titles, money and fruits of your abour, and can "just be" moment to moment, there is no better way than being alone and enjoying the solitude, a deep experience of all goodness and treasures within you, the virtues and qualities of your soul wanting to express themselves in their own time.

  • Marty

    In the end we are all alone someone once said. And why not before the end as many of us find ourselves. Tanya's video is perfect for anyone trying to get to that place. Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us. It was just beautifully done.

  • Susan

    Reminded that it's ok for my kids to leave home and maybe have to be alone sometimes, like me.

  • Melissa

    I LOVE my alone time.....I relax, enjoy the peace and calm....and think! Wonderful time of day!

  • juli

    I feel wonderful when I am mindful that I am my own best friend.

  • muzammil

    i love you

  • Snowbird

    Beautiful video indeed. It is ok to be alone. Thank you to all.

  • srinivasan.rk

    No ultimate or everlasting good is obtained by just remaining alone. What is important is the MIND being silent. If the mind which is very difficult to be controlled is wandering hither and thither then no matter whether you are with your friends, family members or alone it hardly matters. What is important is the mind not functioning at all. No thought should be allowed to escape from the mind. It should be kept still. Then true bliss wells up. To sum up PEACE us our real nature. All we need do is "KEEP QUIET". That is keep the mind quiet.

  • Aile

    Thank you.I love when people speak my heart...and way of life.

  • Sharon

    A thoughtfully produced video indeed! Charming in its content, it provides me lovely reminders of what I cherish about being alone. I am alone now, not by choice, but due to illness that confines me to my home and I continue to explore ways in which to find acceptance and peace with my new reality. Thank you for your good work, lovely words.

  • Gordon

    very nicely done .. thank you

  • Holly Jensen

    This is just beautiful!! Thank you for sharing this.

  • Anna

    Thank you for this message. A good reminder to us all. :)

  • Mary Bell

    Thank you for the delight you placed in my mind when I listened and watched your video. Beautiful, Fabulous, Spiritual, Talented, Loving, Thanks for sharing your creativity

  • Juliann

    Wow, that beautiful on so many levels! I love Tanya's melodic voice, as well as the words the music.and visuals! Perfect timing too, during the season of hustle and bustle! Thanks for sharing!

  • MIchelle

    I love your work!!! Alone is fabulous!

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