John Cleese, a humorous and wise personality, discusses how to unleash the creativity that every individual possesses. Tapping into one's unconscious mind may be the key to unraveling its true power and magic.


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  • Lisa

    The wonderful amazing benefits of sleep. It's an almighty elixir. So long as it is not full of nightmares!

  • Ana

    Just brilliant! Thank you for posting this amazing video.

  • g.m.

    It seems so obvious and simple once he says it. great video! :-)

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  • Pick up John Cleese's book, "Life, and How to Survive it" and enjoy his insights into coping with life itself. 

  • Check out this website to induce creativity in your self.

  •  Take out 20 minutes from your busy schedule and sit in a place where you won't be interrupted. Clear your mind and come up with a plan of what you can do to become a better person. 

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