In October 2010, little-known New York City band, Atomic Tom, had their instruments stolen. But a little bit of bad luck wasn't going to stop these musicians from doing what they love.

Riding over the Manhattan Bridge on the B train, the band gave an impromptu performance of "Take Me Out"...using four iPhones to simulate the drums, guitars, and piano they had recently lost.


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  • Amanda

    I wish this happened on Australian public transport! That takes guts and I like their ingenuity in the face of a set back. Good tune too. I bought the album :)

  • none

    never give up. always have fun

  • sarahm

    i liked that they were physically close, having eye contact with each other, smiling, and used technology in a way that was connective with others. so often i see people with their faces buried in their gadgets, oblivious to the world around them. i am hopeful when i see technology being used for real-time, in person connection.

  • risela

    They are GOOD :); they did not let adversity win,and instead did something creative and very entertaining.Good luck fellas!

  • Mary

    I used to ride the subway and enjoyed an occasion burst of music or laughter to and from work. Its nice to see our young people putting forth the effort to not give up just because some "ting bat" decided that wanted something that did not belong to them. Keep up the great work Atomic Tom and God Bless.

  • Viviane

    Sounds more like "NYC Subway, 4 iPhones and a little craftiness". Says on another website in an interview that they came up with this viral marketing concept to get themselves known.

  • katherine Drabek

    Falling down and getting up again.

  • Marcelo

    Awesome!!! Good job guys and good luck!!!

  • Herby

    Talk about making some good old fashion lemonade out of lemons..... :-) How awesome is that?!?! It truly inspires me to shake the dust off my feet from my resent set back and move on with life.

  • sharon

    They got four seats together?

  • Marti

    Loved this video! They didn't let the bad luck overcome them.

  • katherine Drabek

    Gorgeous, alive.

  • Marylou Sanchez

    Love the song and shows us that when there's a will there's a way. Wish them all the success. Count on one more person that is interested about you music. Big hug

  • Lynn

    With the dedication, perseverance,ingenuity, talent and joy you guys have that is obvious in this amazing video I'm sure your dreams will come true! If a non rocker Mom can see it and loves this peice, so will the talent scouts!

  • moyra

    Hey Apple! This looks like a great commercial for the iPhone. Hire them and they can buy all the equipment they want.

  • lovingcaring

    truly amazing and simply inspiring!

  • tina

    a triumph for tiny technology! yay!

  • marai

    not being knocked down by bad luck...finding creative ways to continue on and express...a fine example.

  • Fallon

    That was so amazing! The fact that they had the courage and the optimism to do that is so awesome! This is a great song!

  • elizabeth

    this was amazing!!!

  • Latharia

    Awesome job, guys. Inspired me to buy the single through iTunes & get you a few pennies closer to some new equipment.

  • Dennis Velco

    What a splendid story and thinking on the bands part. Negativity into positive energy and motion. They will certainty have motion rippling from this. Great job. Best wishes.

  • Dan

    That is truly amazing! Really inspiring, I love it!

  • MEG

    When we have a passion for something we find a way to do it, no matter what...

  • Michele

    Awesome! Loved it...

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