Spend a few hours in an airport terminal on a day you're not traveling and you will witness an amazing scene, the march of humanity is intense. Just beyond the bustle, the security lines, and the general anxiety there is an epic play unfolding. We are saying hello and goodbye in the truest and sincerest way we know how. T-Mobile recognized this and wanted to extend this special welcome to every traveler arriving at London Heathrow. Being this genuine with a large crowd of strangers is difficult to say the least, but the sincerity of the participants is so overwhelming that the travelers can't help but be enveloped in the joy.


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  • Anne

    The spontaneous JOY it creates!

  • Anne

    The contagious joy it creates!

  • Timmo

    The Flash Mob craze is one of the coolest things of the 21st Century. It's hard not to smile and experience a feeling of joy when watching. I would love to get caught in the middle of one sometime. How cool and fun would that be?

  • Kathleen

    Flash mobs are such fun...for the participants as well as the unsuspecting individuals!

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  • Spend a few hours sitting in an airport observing the march, start with departures and end at arrivals.

  • Help out of town visitors find their way, invite them for dinner, welcome them to the place you call home.

  • Sing.  To yourself, in the car, in the park, wherever your comfortable, just sing.

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