The term "compassion" -- typically reserved for the saintly or the sappy -- has fallen out of touch with reality. At a special TEDPrize@UN, journalist Krista Tippett deconstructs the meaning of compassion through several moving stories, and proposes a new, more attainable definition for the word.


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  • Stacey Lowe

    A simply beautiful explanation, thank you!

  • dechen

    Thank you. The thought or talking of 'compassion' is always thought of as 'weak' in the work environment. Am glad that you expressed in a anyway I always felt the compassionate people are people who really can and will make this world a better place. Let is be a human tradition,of all races....

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  • The Charter of Compassion is a document that transcends religious, ideological and national difference. Get involved with the Charter of Compassion.
  • Check out the list of KarmaTube videos with the word compassion , and share one of them with a friend.
  • Reconnect with compassion in your own life.  Think about how to reframe a daily action through the lens of compassion.

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