Declan Galbraith, born in 1991, is an English singer whose talent was recognized when he was only seven years old. "Tell Me Why" was his first single which was released just 10 days before his 11th birthday. Watch this video and see for yourself why it has inspired so many viewers.


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  • Martha

    This child is asking a question that he is wanting an answer to. The sad thing we as adults cannot give him the answer. This must be the question children all over the world are asking and no one seems to be able to answer them. This should be a wake up call to all adults. We ask everyday why children are committing dreadful crimes. Maybe we should look at ourselves and ask why do children have to ask this question. Is it because of the example they see in us. Think about this and search your soul for the answer. Maybe if we become better examples to all children they will not have to ask this question. Pray for the adults to solve the question for all children through example. Remember actions speak louder than words and children are always watching our actions. God Bless the Children.

  • Debbie

    The simplicity of the question ... the passion in his voice ... the love hiding behind a riddle. But most importantly, the awakening of such a young man who is able to stir your soul to actually "hear" the question and urge you to search deeply within to find the answer. What an amazing and soufully felt message communicated through the innocence of a child. The least we can do is remember this long after we've experienced some splendidly emotional moments -- long after we've left the website; let's not only answer it, but dance a dance of wonder that has slowly begun to tire of being ignored.

  • Rosemary

    I am too touched to tell why I am crying now. The question of why we do not help those who need it so badly is perplexing. We all can do something-even if it is praying for them.

  • Kathie

    This is a beautiful song with an essential message. I was absolutely captivated by this young spirit of a boy asking such an important question: "tell me why? "

  • Linda

    Aside from the question asked in the song, the perspective of the camera angle captivated me. Here, is a child - looking UP - appealing to the adult listener who is looking DOWN on the child. Then, at the end of the video as the camera pans back, the child is looking straight on. This equalizes the playing field and I, as a child, am wondering why I have no answer for this, my fellow human being.

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