How can you help the local economy, benefit the community, improve the environment and stay healthy all at once? Local sustainably grown foods contain more nutrients, support local farmers, and decrease pollution. Eagles Street Rooftop Farm has an innovative solution to bring these benefits to New York and beyond.


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  • Mark Carlson

    Great video! Glad this is being done, and wish there were more of it! I live in the country, so I have a "groundtop farm" just outside Athens, TX. Speaking of food growing within 15 minutes of where it's grown, I was fortunate to be able to visit Italy on a business trip in January of 2000. Florence is surrounded by very small farms, where I'm sure much of their produce is grown. Thank you for sharing this!

  • mehraj

    good one

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  • Take a workshop, volunteer, buy produce, or check out the view at Eagle Street Rooftop Farms.
  • Find your local Community Supported Agriculture (CSA), Farmer’s Market or Restaurant at Local Harvest and taste the difference.
  • Bring the local farm to you! Join the Home Farming community and learn to plant your own herbs, vegetables & fruits.

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