Last Friday, Martha Rivera was teaching her kindergarten class when a drug shoot-out began outside her school. She immediately asked her 15 kids to place their faces on the floor and repeatedly told them that everything was going to be fine. While the gunmen shot and killed people at a taxi stand nearby, Rivera led her students in a song until the shootout finally ended. Rivera recorded part of the encounter with her cell-phone and the story has now spread to millions around the globe and highlighted the effect of Mexico's bloody drug war on children.


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  • Rissa

    Lola, if that's the case, then she's an inspiration to everyone, because anyone can follow her example and make a difference in a bad situation. If "anyone could do it," that doesn't make it less worthy of merit - because not everyone DOES do it, and because it MATTERS, even if it's simple. Anyone can give someone else a hug - does that mean that it's without merit to do so? Of course not. I don't think you quite understand the meaning behind KarmaTube.

  • lola

    MOI je penses que n'importe qui pourrais faire cet act. Donc il n'y a aucun merite a avoir. Donc arretez dembelir les choses. allez tout chier. mercixx

  • Sakthivel

    Good job Martha, good quick thinking.. keeping the kids calm is a tough.. you have done a wonderful job...Wishes.

  • Uncle Ato

    There was little fear or panic in her voice. That must've been very reassuring to the kidskids. My kids too'd feel safe near her. Thank God for all teachers like her.

  • moses

    great teacher. all teachers should learn from her

  • gn

    I'm heartened by this teachers bravery in the face of danger but if we as a nation truly desired to alter the course of dangerous drugs in the world and our country we would be curtailing one of the worlds largest supplies in Afghanistan since we now have 100,000 troops present in that country. It is sad to see how we spend over 40 Billion a year through federal and state sources to try to stop the use and profliferation of all drugs and continue to condone the growth and manufacture of one of the strongest in Afghanistan. Something is dramatically unbalanced and inconsistent in our approach to this situation.

  • Ranjana

    A brave teacher gave practical teaching of Bravery

  • Prem

    There are Guardian Angels like (Martha) in the schools for our children.... Great Job..!

  • Kristen

    Insperation to everyone

  • sunchild

    This is so heartbreaking, yet beautiful. This wonderful woman who was determined to fill her chirldren's minds and heart with song is so tender, so strong and courageous. This is the energy of the lioness, tender and courageous. Beautiful. Now more than ever, this is the inspiring energy we need.

  • April

    if the world is already messed up by us, i believe i just witness an angel saving those children.

  • deva daricha

    wonderful. song changes us. keep singing. that is how estonians kept themselves together as a nation. sing everyday, it keeps the world alive. from and aboriginal australian viewpoint we were dreamt into existence. singing keeps the "songlines' intact. Sing the change you want to be

  • SD52

    How sad that we have to think how lucky these children are to have this teacher. This issue with drugs in Mexico is beyond scary...Look at the lives through the faces of the children caught up in a world they ave no control over. We do need to be a part of solving this problem and we and our government need to make this happen. No wonder these people try to run away from this, wouldn't you want to remove your children from such craziness. Any sane parent would !

  • HH

    The world needs to stop for one minute and pay attention to what the situation in Mexico is doing to innocent people, children included. This is not a "war" on drugs! The US continues to create a market by purchasing drugs and selling weapons. This will continue until there is no longer money to be made. When drugs become legal, regulated and taxed the violence will stop. The tax revenue can be used to fund drug awareness and rehab programs. Like prohibition, many in high places are making money as long as these substances remain illegal, expensive and unregulated. If this were truly a "war on drugs" we would have won it many years ago. If the US can locate and kill Osama Bin Laden they can resolve this terrible situation like we saw in this video.

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  •  "There are hundreds of teachers who would do the same thing I did," Rivera said.  Thank a teacher today.
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