Daniel Barenboim is an Argentine-born Jew with a Palestinian passport. For 12 years, he has used his musical reputation to push for peace between Israel and its neighbors. In May 2011, he crossed from Egypt into Gaza with 25 handpicked musicians from the leading ensembles in Europe to play for an audience hungry for music.


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  • Retta

    Orchestra for Peace... I pray the truth is told about Israeli persecution of the Christians and Muslim Palestinians. Our Christian friends are being run out of THEIR FORMERLY SHARED HOMELAND. The Israeli's are treating the Palestinians as they have been treated. TELL AMERICANS THE REAL TRUTH ABOUT WHAT Netenyahu and his cronies are doing to steal property and torture the poor who have lived there as long as the Jewish people have.

  • Joie Bourisseau

    Orchestra for PEACE ~ demonstrating how WE ALL can orchestrate ourSelves WITH Peace

  • Sundi

    Thankyou. The Palestinians need this exposure to music, culture, compassion, and opportunity.

  • D.C. Tuncay

    thank you for at least keeping Palestine in news. In this region the aggressor has always been Israel. It's high time the world takes a stand against Israeli illegal military occupation, ethnic cleansing and genocide of the Palestinian people, who have the world's largest displaced population. Thank you.

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  • Barenboim's work to further peaceful coexistence in the Middle East was initated by a chance meeting with the late Edward Said. See the fruits of their dialogue and collaboration at the Barenboim-Said Foundation.
  • Barenboim is a United Nations Messenger of Peace. Read about the works of the other Messengers of Peace.
  • "Music hath charms to soothe a savage breast, to soften rocks, or bend a knotted oak."  The next time you get upset, listen to some music.

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