Why is it that certain behaviors deemed tolerable in adults are suddenly shocking when exhibited by children? This 90-second public service announcement by a nonprofit organization in Australia begs this very question--prompting any adult who watches to reconsider their responsibility to any child, and to one another.


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  • Tabby

    @JonesyBoy, it's kind of sad that you are so obsessed with me, that you would blatantly make that up on the spot, LOL! Please post any videos of mine referencing drugs! I'm sure you would fail to post the ones where I speak against them. And racism? Again, thank you for posting the videos of me with my black friends. (Oh wait, you didn't!) A baby at fourteen? Oh sweetie, you really need to get off the internet instead of browsing 4chan and believing lies from my ex. :( I kinda feel bad for you! I'm going to go have fun with my friends and family who love me, have fun on the computer!! XOXO tabs

  • JonesyBoy

    I am curious what parents think about the Youtube celebrity named Tabby Ridiman? I myself know of her personally because I live in the same town as her. She had sex at an early age, had a baby at 14. Her behavior is that she avoids this truth for her fans. The problem here is that many preteens and teens are admiring her for her kooky videos. Some of these videos reference drugs and racial slang. She cares about nothing but materialism and becoming popular. Her mother encourages it completely. I want to know what other parents are saying about this. Do you seriously want your child connecting with people who live this type of lifestyle?

  • Arlan Berglas

    The Pass It Forward Movement was so inspired by this video we have highlighted it on our website for your reviewwww.aunitedworld.org/influence.asp

  • Sue

    A powerful visual of what is going on all around us as we set examples for the children.

  • piyush sharma

    this video is reality....and it is a serious matter and we should seriously think about this,,,,,

  • LizzieLou

    So well done it hurts to watch! Thankew!

  • Euphoric

    wow....hard hitting advertisement and so very true! well done :)

  • Jagmohan Singh

    Adults too need education which this video so subtly imparts. Thanks for reminding, how to behave, particularly while in the company of children

  • choclet peye

    Really good video! Thanks for sharing.

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