Set to the backdrop of a 1988 chart-topping song by Michael Jackson (1958-2009), 'Man in the Mirror' speaks to the value of internal change. It features footage of some of the most intractable problems as well as some of the most iconic service leaders the world has known. Each one of us can impact this world if we take a look at the 'man in the mirror' and start to become more other-oriented and less self-oriented.


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  • Josephine

    GOD is in the details.Enough said

  • Dhara

    This is a great song with awesome lyrics. God bless Michael Jackson's soul, may he rest in peace. Kamala, I like what you wrote about if "each person changed only one person, that's very inspiring and a great starting point.

  • Volana

    Just wondered if this was on purpose or pure 'chance' that this was emailed out on the day that the news hit that Michael Jackson died?

  • kamala

    The change starts from "the man in the mirror" and that is ourselves. We have to start changing ourselves to better first. If each person changed only one person, and that is themselves, there would be no need for any other changes in this world! Michael is one brilliant man.:0)

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  • Read the lyrics of this song.
  • Think globally: learn about the Global Elders Project and learn of the ways people are trying to serve.
  • Act locally: visit and serve your local community in whatever way you can!

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