The amazing David Breaux stands on a corner near UC Davis everyday, asking people to write in his notebook about what they think about compassion. To be there, he has given up job, car, security. His life is devoted to asking people to think about compassion; in doing so, he is a daily reminder of what we often take for granted. This is a film about how one simple action can serve to raise the consciousness of an entire community.


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  • Jenny Lanham

    The most significant compassion that I have ever been showen was when someone I knew for a short while in Summer 2002 asked me to tell them about my pain and when I spoke I was listened to with a selfless attention that I havent felt before. This person sort of settled back into there sitting position and just listened, when doing so they looked very, deeply relaxed as if my 'story' was their most interesting preoccupation. I have tried to model the kind of disposition and atmosphere that this person expressed towards me as it really was a precious gift- through another to come to greater self understanding, to experience your self with and sort of through someone else.

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  •   Join David's Compassion network, where you can read more about his interactions with the people he meets at the corner of C and 3rd.
  •  Compassion strengthens our immune system.  Try these 7 practices to cultivate compassion.
  •  If you were to write in David’s notebook, what would you say about compassion? Write it now in your notebook or as a comment here.

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