The hidden industry of sex trafficking ravages poor families and communities across the world. In India, an organization is addressing the issue by not only helping women and girls to escape their exploitation but also to learn some skills that will give them a chance for a fresh start. See how heroic but simple it is to realize someone's humanity by simply sharing some of your own.


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  • Debalina Roy

    It's a beautiful video that captures the essence of womanhood.Their ultimate commitment to work and human evolution.I have seen and experienced the lives of female sex workers in Kolkata's 'Bou Bajar'in 2008.I was guided by a close aunt who's a school headmistress and an NGO leader.I was really grateful to her to provide this exposure.I am deeply inspired by everyone's collective effort in this endeavour.I would like to help them in humble ways as i want them to look forward and erase their scars.They would then identify themselves as equal human beings in a civilised society.

  • Sharon

    What inspired me about this video is that given an opportunity to change their lives these women did and are hopeful to have more women join them. They are courageous and inspire others to reach beyond what they think is possible.

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  •  Learn more about Freeset. Are there any businesses in your area that might want to support Freeset by stocking their products?
  •   Visit the UN Global Initiative to Fight Human Trafficking Knowledge Hub (UN.GIFT.HUB) for information on programs and resources to stop trafficking.
  •   The next time you see a street worker or drug-addicted youth on the street, think about what might have happened for them to be in that state. How could you ease their suffering?

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