Sam Williams of Raleigh, North Carolina, turned a shattered life of drug and alcohol abuse around and now provides counseling to others. "I try to be that person who is not going to run away" from someone with problems, he says.


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  • Shawn Williams

    I remember my uncle as a large but quiet presence. It wasn't until I was much older that I realized how much of a impact he made on his community. I couldn't be prouder to be his nephew; continuing the legacy of nonprofit work as he would want all of us to do.

  • Joyce "Wifey"

    Sammie was remarkable, he did a great work in the community the was certainly his ministry. I am so proud of his accomplishments which were totally unique and made a difference in so many lives. I miss his physical presence however his love remains forever ingrained in my heart.

  • clarence

    Sam's greatest source of satisfaction was in helping others overcome addiction to reclaim their life! I will truly miss him. Clarence

  • Shasta

    I love my daddy! RIP

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  • Sam Williams overcame an addiction to help others with theirs. Explore ways to turn a negative from your own life into something positive.
  • Like Sam, consider being someone who--today--does "not run away" from others facing difficulties.
  • Williams is the recipient of a Jefferson Award for Public Service. Get involved.

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