Beatrice Coron experienced life through a series of odd jobs - a shepherdess, a truck driver, a factory worker, a cleaning lady, and a tour guide - before setting out to become an artist in her 40s. Her love of languages and stories led her to become a paper cutter, who sees paper as a sculptor sees stone: "the image is already inside the paper, I just have to remove what is not from 'this' story." In this TED video, Beatrice describes her creative process and the influences that allow her to tap into the essential magic of her imagination.


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    To 'see' with my mind, to 'think' with my eyes, to 'do' from my heart...

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  •  Learn more about Beatrice Coron and her artwork.
  •  Take a look at some of the other incredible ways people tell their stories through art.
  •  What stories would you tell? And how would you tell them?

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