The world population has reached 7 billion. But 7 billion people means 7 billion hearts. Connected only by a pair of headphones, musicians around the world are united by this simple, beautiful message speaking to the hearts of the people: "We have to bring the world together, we have to live as one."


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  • ghakimova

    thank you!!!

  • ghakimova

    I cant see this video- where can I find it??? my husband is dying....he loves it, i need to show it to him before he leaves us...please help to find it..

  • Raymond Sia

    Great & wondeful music unites the world as one . It don"t matter from where we are from , races , religion , belief ,culture we are as one in the world . Music is unique , music is a way of communicating , music is entertaining , every one in the world loves musics even though we do not understands music but we feels reieive , relax & enjoys the music from every where around the world coming from all walks of life and culture .This video brings me the inspiration amd love for all the poeple coming from corner of the continents and different countries , together we unite as one in the world bring peace ,prosperity, health , wealth and happiness . God Bless .

  • carol

    All the different languages and nationalities realizing we must live as one...very powerful... if it became a reality. It makes me realize that we must make the difference no matter what our neighbors choose..ikindness is contagious and will hopefully create a domino effect :~)))))xo

  • mitali

    I agree.... such a touching message...One should be inspired and start thinking differently.....i have made this my purpose....peace n blessings to all :)

  • bobbi van

    An extrodinary video that touched me deeply...thank you for this heartfelt experience....

  • Anand

    A great Video and most important - the lyrics and the music which touches the heart - we have 1 life and should live to the fullest by loving each other and not hatred..

  • Carlton

    I want to see the world united as one - an inspiring message.

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