“Stop thinking of Africa as a poor continent, a world apart,” says the African Development NGO Mama Hope. This spirited riff on Paul Simon’s bouncy, silly anthem “You Can Call Me Al” features alternating singing and dancing performances by Americans and Africans, to illustrate that our broad human commonalities and engaging cultural differences are more interesting and germane focuses of attention than the economic disparities.


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  • sandra

    This video truly made me smile, and gave me an uplifting, "feel good" moment. Humans, the more different we are, the more alike we become. Peace.

  • Earline Bell

    The video was timely. I was in need of a some divine intervention. All of the people are just absolutely beautiful. The diversity and music is great!

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  • Learn more about Mama Hope, started by Nyla Rogers when she uncovered the largely under-the-radar philanthropy of her recently deceased mother.
  • Learn about the World Day of Interconnectedness project, shifting perspective from I-llness to WE-llness.
  • Sit down with someone from another culture and explore your commonalities and celebrate your differences.

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