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Join Casey Adam Miller on his bicycle journey across America to speak with people about finding meaning in life. Why the bike? Because cycling filled him with dread. "If I wanted to understand how meaning is created," said Casey, "then I had to make myself vulnerable, raw, and open to the question."


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  • Dipendra

    wow, dar ke aage jeet hai ( after fear, victory is awaiting).

  • Ron

    Are you Kidding? What inspired me? All of it..Wow... That was Deep and Meaningful..

  • Casey

    My name is Casey Miller and I am so honored to have my story shared in KarmaTube. After my ride concluded, I wondered how I could take what I learned and share it with others. Now, I have launched a new project, together with my friend Javier Colon. Please visitwww.longroadhomeproject.com

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  • Learn more about Casey's journey and the conclusions he reached about living a meaningful life.
  • Ponder the ways in which happiness and meaningfulness are related and are different.
  • Do something that challenges your fears and see how it changes your understanding of who you are and how you understand the world around you.

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