"When we set out on our journey, the whole idea was to really chronicle what is emerging that is now invisible," explains Frances Moore Lappe of the travels she and and her daughter, Anna Lappe, made though five continents. Author of the landmark 1971 book "Diet for a Small Planet," Moore Lappe and daughter discovered that contrary to how we are often portrayed in the media, human beings are far more than "selfish accumulators." From Kenyan women planting trees to fight deforestation to landless families in Brazil building vibrant communities on otherwise idle land, "we met people," recalls Anna,"who showed us that what is is not what has to be."


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  • Learn more about the Lappes' unique mother-daughter journey  and about the organization they founded, Small Planet Institute.
  • Read about Dr. Wangari Maathai, who mobilized poor women to plant some 30 million trees in Kenya, and went on to win the Nobel Peace prize. 
  • Seek to discover the "edge of hope" in your own community.

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