Did you know that 200 million "CAPTCHAs" - those annoying, distorted sequence of characters that you have to type when you fill out a web form - are typed every day? And that each "CAPTCHA" takes 10 seconds to fill out? Is there a way to use these 500,000 hours wasted every day for something that is good for humanity? It turns out that there is. Luis von Ahn and the team that invented "CAPTCHA" re-purposed the security device to form "ReCAPTCHA" - a way to digitize books. Find out how by watching this entertaining TEDx talk.


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  • Robert

    A wonderful way to use the web for the benefit of all beings.

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  •  Become a beta tester for von Ahn's latest online collaboration project, Duolingo - to learn a language for free while simultaneously translating the web.
  •  Read about the way crowdsourcing has changed the way many industries operate, from content generation to providing microsolutions for social, economic and humanitarian challenges.
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