"I'm not the average girl from your video. I'm not built like a supermodel. I've learned to love myself unconditionally, because I am a queen!" Behold the breathtakingly refreshing message of India Arie, whose 2001 debut album, Acoustic Soul, earned her seven Grammy nominations. "I know my creator didn't make no mistakes on me," Arie continues. "My feet, my face, my lips, my thighs--I'm in love with what I see." Watch this video and join the revolution.


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  • Barry

    She does have a point...like the song

  • kamala

    India is a wise girl! This song is amazing! We need more musical artists with messages like this. :)

  • choclet pi

    I really like this song.

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  • "Back when I had a little, I thought I needed a lot," Arie confides on her website.  "But a lot was a little too complicated." Share your thoughts with her here.
  • "Misconception, mass deception--something's gotta change," sings Arie. Practice awareness in the media you consume today.
  • Celebrate every inch of yourself.

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