The work of the Global Oneness project is beautifully encapsulated in this quote by Major "Muggi" Sumner, an elder and cultural ambassador of the Ngarrindjeri Nation of South Australia: "everything in this world is a part of us and we are a part of it." This trailer challenges us, in the words of Orland Bishop, to think about what would happen if a large percentage of the world decided to do something different out of a collective inspiration. If the present reality were to change, what would the world look like?


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  • Jenny Hazard

    The diversity of people portrayed who all have a shared vision on unity and peace. I am often called a dreamer and an idealist, but I wear these titles with pride because I also have a vision of unity and love as humanity's salvation. Peace, Jenny

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  • Share the idea of oneness with others. Host your own screening of GlobalOneness films by requesting a free DVD.
  • Participate in conversations about what living in a global community really means.
  • When was the last time you had a feeling of interconnectedness with the universe? See if you can be more aware and open to receiving this feeling again.

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