A young man becomes injured after leaving his family and soon returns to heal at home. Here, he begins to walk again -- with the help of his father, who learns to love again. This beautiful, moving story of a son and father re-connecting is a powerful statement on love, family, and healing.


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  • Kris

    Family love is unconditional even if there have been past arguments, love is what life and family is all about

  • Shail

    This is such a wonderful and emotional story. The power of human forgiveness is quite amazing! :)

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  • Watch some of these inspirational stories of fathers and sons living life to the fullest despite seemingly insurmountable obstacles.
  • If you or somebody you know is struggling to rise up on two feet, ask what obstacles need to be overcome to help get yourself or another moving. 
  • Give someone a hug as a reminder of how to love.

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