Electrical engineer Arvind Gupta has been making toys for the last 30 years - toys made from local trash that he uses to teach science to school children in the villages of India. Toys that the children themselves can make. Pieces of bicycle tubing and small sticks are used to make shapes that not only teach geometry, but construction principles. Add a few marbles, and he can teach you chemistry by simulating molecules. See what else Arvind Gupta can make from used film canisters, straws and discarded pieces of paper.


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  • Ezhil

    So nice and educational, recreational and creative Hats off mr.Arvind Gupta

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  •  This article shares more of Arvind Gupta's amazing story.
  •  Take a look at some of the resources Arvind Gupta has made available on his website available for free download.
  •  Think of a creative way to repurpose your trash.  Need ideas for glass jars?

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