A film by La Compagnie des Films de l'Inde, Auroville.

Genetically modified cotton farming has been a disaster in India, poisoning the land and leading 200,000 farmers to take their own lives. Enter Kapas, which seeks to solidify India's position as the world's largest producer of organic cotton, by addressing not just the cotton production issue, but readying the commercial chain from seed through finished garments. This film explains the importance of cotton in the global and Indian economies, describes the challenges, and introduces the Kapas program.


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  • The Kapas project represents a significant transformation toward economic justice within a major global industry.  Learn more about the project.
  • Cotton makes up 40% of all textiles; and the ecological impact of this production is correspondingly enormous.  Consider the true cost of the way we dress.  
  • "A stich in time saves nine," goes the adage; but it also mitigates environmental impact.  Repair an article of clothing to make it last longer.

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