A film by Anthony Goertz.

What was once discarded has a new purpose and is making the world a better place. This short documentary, filmed at the Edmonton Waste Management Center, shows how second chances, respect, support and knowing the importance of your small piece of work makes a difference in individual lives, and the larger community.


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  • Ralph

    So great to see human dignity and opportunity restored.

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  • See more about work programs, including a new Sundance program premiering in August 2012, 'Get to Work’ and Strive, the organization it’s based upon.
  • Learn more about second chances, forgiveness and the power of apology with this series of articles from Psychology Today.
  • Create a second chance. If you are burdened with regret or unforgiveness, choose to forgive yourself or the other. Let go of expectations. Make it a truly fresh start.

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