A film by Jason Baffa. More at One Beach.

Along the surf line of a seemingly pristine beach on the Bahamian island of Eleuthera, fashion designer Barbara de Vries spotted some pretty specks of color, which turned out to be pieces of discarded plastic. And so, what started out as a vacation turned into a new career - raising awareness about plastic debris through art. De Vries marvels at the poetic justice of picking up plastic on a beach, taking ownership of the problem, repurposing the plastic into high fashion jewelry, and having it sold back right on the same beach.


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  • Idee

    At 6:36 in the video, the rope behind you could be bright and beautiful if made of beach plastic. My Story: Bike commuting along the Potomac River in Alexandria VA, I often thought somebody should pick up all the washed up trash. Then I thought I should clean this up. Then I thought, three miles of washed up river trash was just too much for one person. Then, there was Joe a lone citizen with a hand full of trash bags doing just that. I stopped my bike immediately and helped, an effort that would continue many evenings after work until the sunset. Through our boxes of trash bags, we became fast friends and found some psychic link that still connects us to this day. After a few more years of clean up from storms and high river tides, I moved away but Joe can still be seen tidying up the shore.

  • vismaya

    just love it, thanks for contributing to us !

  • Laini

    fantastic video - what an inspiring story - one that I identified with immediately as I often scour the beach for old plastic and fishing rope and shells with holes to make mobiles. such a sense of achievement when all the materials have been re-used and I have had to buy nothing! I have bags of shells and sticks and fishing rope and all sorts of treasures which have been washed up waiting to be made into something...just finding the time is sometimes difficult. Keep it up Barbara - amazing creations!

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  • Learn more about Barbara's work on her website: Plastic is Forever.
  • Watch the film, One Beach, which tells the inspirational stories of 5 people, including Barbara de Vries, using their optimism and creativity to tackle plastic beach debris.
  • Barbara turns washed up plastic debris into jewelry. Think about how you might turn a negative in your life into a positive.

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